Effing Feline visits Gettysburg #wewriwa

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I, Effing Feline, told you the catty truth last week about the French Revolution. That’s not the only famous historical event that actually starred felines rather than humans. Another example — the American Civil War.

The Civil Wariness of puddy tats is proven by an entire museum devoted to the war’s catfights. I swear on my tail, it’s true! More about this museum after this “meet cute” from our sponsor — Love thy Galactic Enemy.

Lou had been a secretary for a business that was a front for a spy team. The team has abandoned her, trapped and fearful, on a space station orbiting the enemy’s planet — and now an intruder awakens her in the middle of the night by entering her flophouse room. We pick up right after last week’s snippet, which ended: “She was cornered, stupid with sleep, almost nude, and without options except surrender or fight.”

She leaped feet-first off the top bunk, praying for a knockout blow to the head before the man even knew where she was.   

# [chapter break]

Lou picked herself off the floor and looked back. She’d done it, knocked out the intruder even though she’d hit him only a glancing blow. Success!

The unconscious man sprawled on the floor wasn’t the head cop — that was good news.

He was still breathing — more good news.

But there was bad news, too — he had carried a duffle bag. She’d just attacked her new roommate. She’d hurt him, and she hated hurting people. If he had proven himself an enemy, she might not feel such a horrid, painful knot in her belly, but he hadn’t and she did, and what the bloody plark was she going to do about him now?

Effing Feline here again. The cat museum I told you about is Civil War Tails, located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, site of the war’s most famous battles. It offers a unique and fun take on history, with many dioramas of battle scenes — all of which feature cats! Over 5000 clay cats!

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Be sure to visit the other great writers in Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. And and feel free to critique this snippet, as it’s unedited.

Love thy Galactic Enemy

Abandoned to the enemy’s tender mercy

Minta, the reserved secretary for a spy team that spread a man-made plague, leaves the planet too late — the team abandons her on the enemy’s space station. She’s forced to fend for herself until she can make contact with an elusive spy, Watcher, who can take her home. To avoid arrest, she nurses a plague victim — a gentle, whimsical man who spouts Lewis Carroll. But to know this enemy is to love him . . .

When Finn Shanwing falls ill, he doesn’t intend to hide that he’s actually a high-ranking commando. Neither does he intend to fall in love with the secretive nurse who saves his life . . . but by the time he reveals to Minta she saved an enemy commando, it’s too late for his heart. Or hers. Also too late to escape the wrath of Watcher — half-human, half-machine, and both halves obsessed with her.

Love thy Galactic Enemy is available for pre-order:



  1. Oops … I hope he’s the forgiving kind of man. Otherwise, sharing the space might become awkward!

    1. Yes, there are quite a few possible problems. [The author gives an evil chuckle.]

  2. How delightfully amusing… awkward?

    1. It’s slapstick humor, but yes.

  3. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Oh no! That’s not a good first meeting at all. Great snippet!

    1. I don’t always start out a relationship on the wrong foot, but it’s a lot of fun to do so.

  4. I enjoyed the unexpected turn in the story, wasn’t expecting that. Great snippet and a whole new set of problems for her!

    1. I’m delighted to be able to surprise you!

  5. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    I loved the snippet! That museum would be fun to see! Thanks for sharing.

    1. If you visit the museum, be sure you DON”T take your dog.

  6. Talk about getting off on the wrong foot! I’m glad she’s so resourceful, but, um….

    1. But yeah . . . taking the initiative made things worse.

  7. Fun turn of events. But, really, it’s his own fault. He should have announced himself instead of skulking about in the dark.

    1. The poor, battered guy gets no sympathy from you, eh? Well, I have something else up my sleeve designed to increase your sympathy for him.

  8. I want to know what she’s going to do, too!

  9. If he didn’t see her, maybe she can play innocent and he’ll never know she’s the one who decked him. 🙂 Although somehow I doubt she’ll do that, although it might be fun to see her explain it away with a story about an intruder hitting him…LOL Great snippet!

    1. You’re sort of on the right track, Jenna.

  10. Teresa Cypher · · Reply

    Uh oh! Not the best way to meet a roommate. 🙂

    I might believe it–about cats being involved in wars. There’s a reason for the term “catfight”. My husband feeds all the strays in the neighborhoods.(We’re slowly catching them and getting them ‘fixed’). We’ve witnessed some pretty serious fights amongst them.

    Did I really just say I believe something Effing claims is true????? Ha!

    Have a good week, Ed.

    1. What does it say about you, that you think the way Effing does?

  11. What dilemma! How can she explain that she knocked him out and for what reason? Though I’m curious to know where he was going with his bag.

    1. I’m happy to say that I’ve boxed her into a corner already.

  12. I do love adventures involving ordinary people, i.e. secretaries. Why should the big shots have all the fun?
    I also love the Civil War Tails.

    1. I agree! I’m much in favor of ordinary people who do extraordinary things during an adventure. They’re much more interesting than, say, superheroes or (shudder) billionaires.

  13. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Uh oh. How’s she going to explain why she knocked him out. A nightmare? Walking (jumping out of the bunk) in her sleep? Can’t wait to read what’s next.

    Love the pic of Effing in Civil War uniform. I almost believe it’s real.

    1. If Effing had been alive during the Civil War, he would’ve want to fight, or at least to egg on the people who were fighting. The cat is a troublemaker.

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