Picture It – Banff #mfrwauthor #PictureIt

Picture It

The family and I recently took a trip to Banff National Park in Canada. Here’s an example of the scenery:

Castle Mountain is one of the famous mountains in Banff. Way up there on a ledge by the snow field, you can just make out some brave evergreen trees shivering in the cold.



  1. The name fits this mountain. I see what it’s famous.

    1. It doesn’t hurt that the mountain is visible from the highway, either.

    1. I love the Canadian Rockies. Spectacular mountains in general, but the Rockies in particular.

  2. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Wow that’s beautiful!

    1. We’ve almost always lived places where visitors go ‘Man, those are beautiful mountains’ — but we’ve never lived anywhere with mountains like this one. Banff National Park is on a whole other plane of existence.

  3. One of the most stunning and beautiful places in the world !

    1. I’ve long thought of Banff Park as my spirit’s home, because there it soars.

      1. I hear you! I feel that way when I’m in NZ 🙂
        I have good memories of Banff, or the Canadian Rockies in general!

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