Picture It – sparklers #mfrwauthor #PictureIt

Picture It

I was going to post a pic today from a recent trip to Banff National Park in Canada, but that would be downright unpatriotic. Instead of Banff, here’s a pic I personally didn’t take:


Ever wonder how the heck sparklers work? They’re pretty different, after all. There’s no explosion, as with a firecracker. No extravagant bursts of color, as with fireworks. Just a long, controlled beautiful burn.

I’ll give you a hint. A sparkler needs;

  • an oxidizer
  • a fuel
  • iron, steel, aluminum, or other metal powder
  • a combustible binder

Since I write science fiction, and even though I’m more interested in people than science, here’s a science site that explains how sparklers work.



  1. Thanks for the sparkler explanation. You did the work of finding the link, and I shared the link on Facebook, but I mentioned your name. Happy Fourth of July, Ed!

    1. Thanks for the shout-out, Mary. You’re a good online friend.

  2. Happy Fourth of July to you, Mrs. Valentine and of course Effing!

    1. Effing kind of likes the July 4th holiday. You see, the fireworks and firecrackers disturb Twiggles the Dog, who runs around and barks. Effing thinks that’s hilarious.

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