Picture It – The real Lions Gate #mfrwauthor #PictureIt

Picture It

You’ve probably heard of the Lions Gate Film company . . . but what is the original Lions Gate?

This is Lions Gate bridge in Vancouver — Canada’s answer to the Golden Gate. Although Lions Gate Films is now based in California, it was founded in the Great White North.

This picture is from many years ago when I lived there. I still love that city.





  1. Lisabet Sarai · · Reply

    Lovely photo.

    Learn something every day!

    1. It’s quite an old shot, original taken as a slide. The scanner does a decent job digitizing slides, but the results aren’t as sharp as pics taken with a digital camera.

  2. I like it! Nice shot. Wouldn’t want to drive over it though, but that’s just me and a bridge thing.

    1. I totally understand, Mary, because I’m the same way about bridges. The worst one I know of is the Coronado bridge in San Diego. Just looking at it from miles away gives me palpitations.

      1. Oh, I understand those palpitations! There’s a bridge in Ohio that did that to me miles before I even saw it. You know, just knowing it was there. Ekk. We have the Mackinac Bridge here. Believe it or not, I walked across it but would never be able to drive. Grates are in the inner two lanes. I couldn’t walk on the grates. It’s opened once a year to walk. I’m glad someone understands!

  3. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Beautiful picture but I wouldn’t want to cross the bridge.

    1. You and Mary agree about bridges, it seems!

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