Picture It — The birth of the Web #mfrwauthor #PictureIt

Picture It

I’ve decided to try to start a Thursday feature on my blog — a feature that requires little writing, hence time. Each Thursday I’ll post a photograph I’ve taken. I find these photos interesting in themselves. Hopefully some of you will, too.

(c) Ed Hoornaert

This one was taken during an IEEE technical writing conference in one of my favourite places on Earth, Banff National Park. The photo was taken on the grounds of the Banff School of the Arts, another favourite place of mine.

The conference was memorable because it was when I learned how to create content pages for the World Wide Web, then in its infancy, smelly diapers and all. Back then you had to type codes in the HTML language to format a page, and things did not always work right.



  1. I see why it’s one of your favorite places. Beautiful picture and write-up too.

    1. I haven’t been to Banff in ten years, but my immediate family will be meeting there in a few weeks, flying in from Tucson, Phoenix, Toronto, and Amsterdam. We all love it there.

  2. Gorgeous mountains!

    So you’re an engineer too. A surprising number of my writing colleagues are.

    (By the way- I still edit HTML by hand…)

    1. And musicians, too; a number of writers are also musicians. I’m both, actually.

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