Effing Feline worships Mother Earth #wewriwa

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I, Effing Feline, have a favorite lap in the whole world. It belongs to —

No, not Ed. Sheesh — I have better taste than that. My favorite lap belongs to Mrs Valentine. (Ed has earned the title of Mr Valentine, you know.) She had her birthday recently. I’ll tell you when as soon as I get rid of today’s infomercial.

I’m skipping ahead in Constellation XXI. Here Sienna Dukelsky starts to get to the bottom of the story’s main mystery.

Tired, she stretched her arms overhead, but stopped when she noticed Crispin watching her breasts with too much interest. Although the familiar spark kindled in her nethers, she lowered her arms; she couldn’t use her body to deal with the ravages of betrayal.

Actually she could, and it’d be fun — but it wouldn’t solve anything.

“What is so plarking important you have to report to Security?” she asked as she stretched again, hoping to catch him off guard with the question.

“My cargo.”

Sienna hadn’t thought much about the cargo of exotic animals he hoped to sell on Crassin. Now she added learning about the creatures to her long list of things to do. “What special about the animals you’re carrying?”


“When you lie, your eyes narrow and you look off to one side.”

Effing Feline here again. Mrs V’s birthday was on Earth Day, which makes her the original, one, and only Mother Earth! (Or Earth Mother. Something like that.)

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Constellation XXI

Rediscovering Love at the Worst Possible Time

When her tugship inexplicably loses power while aimed straight at her space station home, Sienna Dukelsky tries frantically to get her ship working in time. But can she cooperate with Crispin Hunt, a former lover she’d once betrayed, to create a way to regain control before the ship kills thousands?



  1. I like that last line … the disadvantage (or advantage) of knowing someone well. Great snippet.

    1. Not just knowing someone well — remembering them well after six years.

  2. Familiar body language will always give someone away, whether it’s wanted or not.

    1. And it’s fair to guess that in this case, he thinks it’s unwanted.

  3. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Hope Mrs. Valentine had a wonderful birthday!

    You can tell they were very close before for her to know that information.

    1. I daresay she remembers all sorts of things she doesn’t know she remembers.

  4. The wonder of your stories, Ed. The fun and to add a Happy Birthday to your loved one.

    1. Thanks, Charmaine.

  5. So good to know a person so well they can’t lie without giving themselves away. So now I’m wondering about those animals too. Great snippet! And happy Birthday to Mrs. V!

    1. The animals are interesting enough that one of them has crept in my current WIP.

  6. I could clearly visualize Crispin doing that sideways look thing LOL. Really a vivid snippet and of course raises all kinds of questions to keep us reading. Well done!

    1. That’s a well-known evasive tactic for a lot of people, not just him.

  7. Oh, very good that she knows when he’s lying! Wonder if he will admit it? Nice snippet!

    1. THanks, Franks. Or thank Frank?

      1. Thanks Frank will do!

  8. She still knows him this well. That will probably drive him crazy.

    1. Considering that he still has feelings for her — and unlike her, he isn’t trying to hide them — he might just be delighted.

  9. You write their interactions so well. I’m really enjoying these snippets. Happy belated birthday, Mrs. V!

    1. I remember that in high school, when I was very much a math/music/science nerd, my English teacher wrote on a paper that my dialogue was the best part of my story. I was surprised ANY part of it was good. I didn’t try writing for another 20 years or thereabouts.

  10. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Happy bet birthday to Mrs Valentine.

    1. She thanks you.

  11. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    Body language doesn’t lie. I’m enjoying the interaction between them.

    1. It’s harder to fake body language, I suppose.

  12. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Happy Birthday to Mrs. V.

    Sienna knows him better than she thinks. I’m sure he’s delighted that she hasn’t forgotten him. Really good snippet.

    1. Being a guy and thus egocentric, it never occurred to him that she might forget him.

  13. It’s always kind of cool to know someone well enough that you can see their tells. Apparently, my left eyebrow raises when I’m fibbing. My ex-husband had an annoying habit of pointing it out. In my own defense, these weren’t whoppers, they were minor fibs.

    1. And so, what is your habit when you tell a whopper?

  14. She can certainly read him. I’m curious to hear his response.

    1. At this point, he doesn’t feel he’s at liberty to tell her the truth.

  15. “Plarking” LOL. Now there’s a unique swear word! I love how she can read him, but if I was her I don’t think I would have given away the details of his tell. I’d keep those secret or he might wise up to avoid doing them.

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