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I, Effing Feline, have an extremely long attention span — for a cat, that is — and right now I’m concentrating hard at being literary so I can choose another snippet for your Ed-fication. (See what I did there?) I want each snippet to be the best I can possibly find, so —

Uh, excuse me. Gotta be litterary, rather than literary. . . . . . . . . .
I’m back! Let’s see, I was talking about cat food, right? Yummie stuff, especially the . . .

Not cat food, you say? Instead, today’s snippet from Ed’s newest sci fi rom, Constellation XXI? Well, if you insist.

I’m bored, so I’ll pounce ahead a chapter. Sienna captains a tugship (outer space’s answer to a tugboat) and has matched speed with an incoming ship captained by Crispin Hunt, her first and best lover. (FYI, Sergeant Vallant calls Sienna “Cherry” because this is her first solo flight.)

And then there was nothing more to do except wait for her airlock to open for the traditional salute to the other ship’s captain. Who happened to be Crispin . . . her Crispin.

No, no, no; remember to call him Captain Hunt.

Sienna disengaged all connections to her command chair, removed her helmet, slipped on her uniform jacket and beret, tapped panel Aft L4 so it simulated a mirror, adjusted her beret, and then shimmied up the ladder in the shaft leading to external lock number two.

Sergeant Vallant was already there, standing at parade rest. “Your beret’s crooked, Cherry.”

“It can’t be, I just–” Sienna turned to the brushed metal airlock door and tried to glimpse her reflection. While she was fumbling with the beret, Vallant slapped a panel to open the door. The marine was either a prankster or sadistic, because Crispin’s first sight of her after six years was her armpit.

Effing Feline here again. Speaking of armpits, isn’t salmon cat food great? Uh, I was talking about cat food wasn’t I? No? Maybe catnip — or catnaps. Yeah, that was it. Nap time!


(Ed here. While Effing naps, be sure to check out the other great writers in Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. But do it quietly so you don’t wake him!)

Constellation XXI

Rediscovering Love at the Worst Possible Time

Although Sienna Dukelsky had been the most promising student pilot at Keening AstroSpace Academy, she inexplicably settles for a routine, unglamorous job guiding incoming spaceships to safe berths at Farflung Space Station. Rumors blamed her startling decision on heartbreak after Crispin Hunt, the love of her life, got expelled.

Approaching Farflung years several later, Crispin’s freighter is met by Sienna’s tugship. Love rekindles, though dampened by old betrayals. And when her ship loses power while aimed straight at the space station, Sienna must confront astonishing secrets about Crispin and his cargo—secrets that make hers the most important job in the galaxy.



  1. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Oh, I bet Vallant did that on purpose. What a reunion! Great snippet, Ed!

    1. If Vallant did, it’s the least of the irritations she subjects Sienna to.

  2. *whispers* Great snippet! I do wonder if her berret was crooked…

    On Sun, Mar 10, 2019, 02:44 Ed Hoornaert (Mr. Valentine) wrote:

    > Ed Hoornaert posted: ” I, Effing Feline, have an extremely long attention > span — for a cat, that is — and right now I’m concentrating hard at being > literary so I can choose another snippet for your Ed-fication. (See what I > did there?) I want each snippet to be the bes” >

    1. Until the movie comes out, we’ll never know about the beret.

  3. nancygideon · · Reply

    LOL! Just the greeting he expected, I’m sure. That Vallant is a stinker but he certainly broke the ice.

    1. Vallant’s behavior plunges downhill from here . . . toward nastiness, I’m afraid.

  4. Always delightful, cat and all. Thanks, Ed.

    1. As was your snippet, dog and all.

  5. Siren X Star · · Reply

    Lol, that was a great snippet and not what I was expecting! Thanks for making me smile this morning 🙂

    1. Given her nervousness about seeing him again after such a long time, I figured their meeting couldn’t possibly go perfectly smoothly.

  6. I’d be spacing the sergeant sometime soon…but the writing is very smooth as always and the scene vivid.

    1. This is by far the most innocent stunt that Vallant pulls.

  7. Diane Burton · · Reply

    I didn’t like Valiant from this first scene. What a jerk.

    1. Since Vallant is the antagonist, your reaction is appropriate.

  8. Oh, joy, a prankster. Maybe she can ditch him on an abandoned moon. Fun snippet!

    1. Thanks, Alexis.

  9. Sergeant Vallant is a character. One you’d probably want to avoid. lol Great imagery!

    1. Yeah, she’s a prickly character. In hindsight, she’s probably the character who’s most deeply developed, though I certainly didn’t start out to do that.

  10. Oh, I think she just got pranked! He may be a jerk but that was cleverly done.

    1. That’s true. Vallant isn’t without redeeming features.

  11. Definitely a prankster! But at least Sienna was spared being struck dumb at seeing Crispin. Or does that come next?

    1. Or even simply being struck.

  12. not sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for her. Hopefully she’ll be able to “rectify” the situation. 🙂

    1. It’ll take quite a few chapters before it’s rectified as much as it can be.

  13. I am intrigued! I like this. I have to wonder about Vallant and what his role will be in the story–if he’s going to make trouble all along, and what his motivation is. He definitely take s a familiar line with her. 🙂

    Good writing!

    1. Oh yes, Vallant is the antagonist — but not a villain.

  14. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    That didn’t go exactly as she’d hoped. Vallant’s quite a character.

    1. Vallant is fairly open about wanting to test Sienn’a mettle to see if she can handle flying a tugship.

  15. I don’t know if I’d say Vallant was “either”, more a little of both to varying degrees. Nor do I thin Crispin really cares if he sees his Evening Star armpit first after all that time.

    1. I’m glad these snippets are causing you to think and make hypotheses.

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