A cover, a blurb and a constellation #mfrwhooks

Happy belated New Year!

I’m back after a hiatus for the holidays. All four of my children came home to Arizona for Christmas, even the ones in Toronto and Amsterdam. Great times! But now back to everyday life . . . sigh. (Nothing personal about that sigh.)

Today’s hook isn’t a snippet, but rather a cover reveal and a blurb reveal for Constellation XXI, my upcoming Valentine’s Day science fiction romance release.

First the blurb:

Rediscovering Love at the Worst Possible Time

Although Sienna Dukelsky had been the most promising student pilot at Keening AstroSpace Academy, she inexplicably settles for a routine, unglamorous job guiding incoming spaceships to safe berths at Farflung Space Station. Rumors, never verified, blamed her surprising decision on heartbreak after the love of her life got expelled from Keening.

Fleeing enemies, Crispin Hunt encounters a tugship captained by Sienna, his former girlfriend. Love blazes again . . . until an old betrayal threatens her heart. When her ship loses power while aimed straight at the space station, Sienna must confront astonishing secrets about Crispin and his cargo — secrets that turn her routine job into one of the most important in the entire galaxy.

Edward Hoornaert’s romantic space opera, Constellation XXI, continues the saga of the Dukelsky family begun in The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station and Escapee.

Then the cover (with many thanks to Sweet ’N Spicy Designs):

I have an aversion to naked male torsos on book covers, so this nude shoulder is the closest my fans are going to get. If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know — there’s still time to tweak, you know.

And be sure to check out the hooks by other great writers in the Book Hooks blog hop.



  1. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Love the cover, Ed. I don’t care for naked torsos, either, but this fits. Best wishes on this upcoming release. I’m enjoying the snippets each weekend.

    1. It fits a scene in the book, too. Crispin (the hero) gets into a fight, but first the guys both remove their shirts. After the fight, Sienna (the heroine) tends his wounds and feels a tug of awareness/arousal.

  2. kryssiefortune · · Reply

    Brilliant cover. I love how the blurb tells you so much but leaves you wanting more

    1. I like the cover’s colorfulness. This series marks the first time I’ve had Jaycee DeLorenzo do my covers, but it won’t be the last.

  3. Fantastic cover. Intriguing blurb.

    1. I’ll pass the compliment about the cover to the designer, Jaycee. She’s local, so I’ve actually met her — quite a switch from my last two designers, who were based in Germany and South Africa, respectively. Thanks for the tweet!

  4. I love the cover. I share you dislike for male torso on covers, sometimes I’m not okay even with faces, to be honest… But this one I like a lot! And the blurb sounds great, too. Well done!

    1. I don’t feel strongly about it, but the prevalence of male torsos strikes me as kind of a sexist way of objectifying men.

      1. I see your point. To me, honestly, it gets kinda boring, but I do see hundreds of covers a month, and there’s many of them. Anyway, I try to keep my covers naked-torso free, and yours is very well done!

  5. Cara Hartley · · Reply

    I think the cover is classy and suggests romance and possibly a little heat. Although the work I’m involved with (Naughty Netherworld Press) is more than a little suggestive, Amazon won’t allow full-on naked booty for Kindle erotica covers, so I always have to find something suggestive without being lewd. Probably a good thing. I don’t think too many people want to be confronted with full-on nudity, even if they’re searching for erotica.

    1. There’s such a fine line to tread with covers. The heat level in this book is considerably milder than in the first two books of the series, so the text matches the cover — suggestive, but not explicit.

  6. love the cover. suggestive but something still held back.

    1. Then the cover matches the tone of the book . . . and my romances in general, except for the first ones I wrote for Silhouette. My sci fi romances aren’t exactly sweet, but they’re more suggestive than erotic. Once my characters get beyond foreplay, I fade to the next scene.

  7. Nice cover and the blurb makes the book sound very good.

    1. Oh, the book is indeed very, very good. Excellent. Superb! Destined to be a classic read hundreds of years from now! And I’m not prejudiced in any way, not even a tiny bit . . .

  8. henhousepublishing · · Reply

    Nicely done with the cover and the cover blurb. We share the same distaste for objectifying cover art. You’ll seldom find beefcake or cheesecake on my book covers.

    1. My thanks and congratulations to you on your cover policy!

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