Headers Up!

The header image of this blog has proved to be a a maintenance nightmare. You see, it shows the covers of all my books.

Actually, that’s not true. It doesn’t show my computer programming books, nor the contemporary romances I wrote for Silhouette Books. But it does show my science fiction and sci fi romance books, so new books or covers means a new header image.

I’ve been tardy about adding my September and October releases (Alien Contact for Runaway Moms and The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station), and that it’s been weighing on my mind — especially since I have another release coming up on the 23rd of this month (Escapee) and another soon after in December or January (Constellation XXI).

Last weekend I bit the bullet, as soldiers would do when undergoing battlefield surgery without anesthetic, and redid the header to include Runaway Moms at the left and the new covers for my Repelling the Invasion series. I also made my life a tad easier by including a placeholder for Constellation XXI with a splashy ‘coming soon’ sign. The book’s exact release date is yet to be decided, as I’m working with a new editor at the end of this month and don’t know quite what to expect.

Finally, I had an ‘Aha!’ moment . . . though in truth it was more like ‘Why didn’t you think of this before, you idiot?’ The books were already grouped by series, so I added the name of the series.

If I didn’t point all this out to you, you’d probably never notice the header, but I spent an hour or two on this so I darned well want somebody out there to pay attention!



  1. Looking really good and having the series under each group of books is an excellent idea! I understand what you’re saying about spending time on something – so it needs to be noticed. I spend far too much time on such things myself! (I’m not nearly as prolific as you though, so it’s not headers so much as teasers etc. Thinking about it, perhaps that’s why I’m not very prolific!)

    1. I don’t feel prolific at all! Well, maybe compared to my old output — but not compared to the writing world in general. This post talks about four releases in quick succession, but two of those are re-releases of books I got the rights back. Another one was written two years ago and accepted by the same publisher but never released. Although I’m doing major rewrites, it almost counts as a re-release.

      That leaves one completely new book this whole year, and one book the year before.

  2. At the rate you are going, you’re going to run out of space pretty soon, Ed!

    1. There’s going to be a big pause, because after Constellation XXI, there’s nothing in the pipeline close to completion.

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