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I, Effing Feline, love the picture of me atop this post. I’m flying serenely through outer space, with a galaxy surrounding my head like a saint’s halo. You see, cats — or at least magnificent, extra-special cats like me — don’t spaceships. Or spacesuits. Or even oxygen.

No! All I need is my own splendor!

Today I continue to highlight a book releasing October 4, 2018: The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station, book one of the Repelling the Invasion series. Duke, the hero of the piece, has been following a suspicious teenage woman through the corridors of city-sized Farflung Space Station. When he burst in on her while she’s breaking into an apartment, she flails her arms and hits him in the face.

She hadn’t clawed his face when she had the chance, so he was gentle but firm. With one arm, he lifted her and deposited her on the unmade bed across from the comp outlet.

But she bounced back up as though the mattress were a trampoline. Grabbing her again, Duke’s legs got caught in hers and they both tripped. He landed on top of her on the bed, breaking the fall with his arms.

As she squirmed under him, Duke realized he’d been wrong. She wasn’t a girl and wasn’t scrawny. Her body was mature and reminded him he hadn’t bedded a female in far too long. Ignoring the growing awareness, he circled her wrists with one hand and held them over her head.

Effing Feline here again. I bet you think I’m exaggerating about my ability to survive in outer space without a space suit. Well, I have one word for you skeptical doubters, and here is that word — Prove I’m wrong. So there!

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This is your last chance for a bargain. The book’s 99c price rises once it goes live this coming Thursday, October 4, 2018.

The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station

Three Strangers Forced to Fight an Enemy Invasion

The space pirates think they’ve conquered Farflung Space Station — but they didn’t count on Duke. The station’s Head of Security wants to prove to his army-officer parents he’s outgrown his youthful rebelliousness, and defeating a small army of pirates (almost) single-handedly is the perfect opportunity.

And they didn’t count on Lockey. This beautiful, kick-ass princess knows every weapon and martial arts system in the galaxy. She fell in love with Duke at first sight, and now winning his heart and destroying the pirates are her greatest desires.

And most importantly, the pirates didn’t count on Sandrina. After loving Duke from afar, she now yearns to fight with him — and him. The attractive waif has discovered so many of Farflung’s secrets that she’s the most powerful person on the station, though nobody knows it yet.

They’re about to find out.

The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station is available now on Amazon for pre-order at a special introductory price of just 99c.



  1. I loved this book.

    I’m confused (more than usual). I went to Amazon to check to see if I left a review (I think I did and I think I gave it 5 stars), but it seems that this book as not been released, so I pre-ordered. Is this a new edition? 🙂

    Effing,those always full of himself, tonight seems particularly so. lol

    1. Yep, new edition. I got the rights back from the publisher and found several places where emotions needed to be brought out more. Hence the second edition, with about 2K more words.

  2. Cats obviously make their own oxygen…!

    Looking forward to reading Farflung.

    1. I’m sure Effing’s oxygen is hot. You know, as in “he’s full of hot air.”

  3. Cats in space. Interesting idea.

    Looking forward to Tuesday – this one really has me intrigued. I will absolutely leave a review. Thank you, for brightening my day with a new book!

    1. I pray that Guardian Angle (jeez, I don’t know how many times I’ve mistyped that!) meets your exalted expectations.

      1. I’m not worried! Love the snippets, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

  4. Ed, you are amazing! Week after week you make my morning with you fanciful tale. Thanks, my friend.

    1. And week after week you come up with new compliments,

  5. nancygideon · · Reply

    He’s toast! Another great sucks you right in scene, Ed.

    1. Jeez, Nancy, they just met and you’re already talking about s**king. Sheesh.

  6. Love the snippet, Ed.
    In ancient times, cats were worshiped as gods… they have not forgotten this.

  7. He’s being awfully nice considering he just caught her red-handed. I suspect he’ll soon regret that!

    1. You’ve watched too many US cop shows. Being ‘nice’, or at least polite, is standard practice for many police forces. There was a skit on Canadian TV decades ago about a Mountie telling a suspect, “I’m sorry sir, but I’m going to have to slug you now.”

  8. And the drama continues! Very well described scene, lots of great details…

    1. Thanks so much, Veronica.

  9. Well, things got more complicated for him fast. If Effing keeps this up you’ll have to launch him into space to test his theory (and shut him up)

    1. Oh, I like how you think, Christina! Effing can follow in the paw prints of Laika the Dog!

  10. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Well, he already fell for her. 🙂 Great snippet!

  11. julieevelynjoyce · · Reply

    Hey, you’ve got an October release too! We’re release buddies! 🙂 Such a fun (and steamy!) snippet. Best of luck with this new edition!

    1. Hey there, buddy! There’s of lot of this book-release-in-October stuff going around the Weekend Writing Warriors. That’s one of the things I like about the group: people are serious about getting books out there.

  12. Okay, she’s roused his interest. But what’s next? and who is she?

    1. “Roused his interest?” I guess that’s one polite way of saying it. As for who she is, she’s a mystery woman he’ll spend half the book trying to untangle.

  13. Love the snippet – since this is released a couple of days after my birthday, I suppose I’m just going to have to treat myself to it aren’t I – and add it to the ever growing pile waiting to be read on my Kindle. I have to say I wouldn’t wish the fate of poor Laika on any living creature, even a spoilt cat with an over inflated opinion of himself. (Sorry Effing)

    1. Proximity to a birthday is as good a reason as any to buy the book!

  14. I can’t stop laughing at this snippet’s opening line. Great job!

    1. I never know when I’ll manage to tickle someone’s funny bones. When I try to be funny, it usually doesn’t work.

  15. Haha I love all of this!

    1. Even Effing’s boasting?

  16. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    He got more than he expected, didn’t he?

    1. Yes — a reminder about himself and his needs, if nothing else. That’s what’s important about apprehending this infraction — what it means to him.

  17. He’d better keep his mind on his business and not monkey business. She’s in a great position to knee him in the jewels and flee the scene. But I like their chemistry so far! 🙂 Great scene, Ed. Best of luck on your release!

    1. This fine, upstanding chief of police, take advantage of his authority? Not a chance.

  18. The question is–will he treat her differently now that he knows she’s older than he thought?

    Effing, you can do whatever you think you can. Probably.

    1. Well, he does have to rethink her crimes.

  19. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    She’s a bit more than he expected. 🙂 I’m curious to know how this will all play out.

    1. That’s the desired reaction, Karen.

  20. That’s a rather compromising position they’re in…

    And, Effing, there’s already been a cat in space:

    1. Effing wasn’t happy about not being first. He hissed when I told him this.

  21. Hahaha awkward! I wonder how she is going to play it, she seems a bit stuck now.

    1. With a policeman on top of her, she’s definitely stuck.

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