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I, Effing Feline, am frustrated. Maybe you are, too. Maybe, like me, you’ve noticed the utter lack of romance books about cats. It’s disgusting. I’m not talking about stories with cats as pets or sidekicks. I’m talking about love stories of and for cat.

Many of your people are writers. Take note of this absurdly under-served audience, and start writing books for cats about cat love. Not cat houses, mind!

Today I continue to highlight a book releasing October 4, 2018: The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station. Duke, the hero of the piece, has been following a suspicious young woman through the corridors of city-sized Farflung Space Station, but when she dashes into a cul de sac, the heroine of the piece (for such she is!) vanishes. Here is their meet cute.

Switching modes on his com analyzer, he scanned each door. The only one not vacant was M128, assigned to P.R. Bahadur, a Life Support Technician new to Farflung. The analyzer screen drew a green stick person, bending at the waist in the middle of the room to stare at the room’s comp outlet, and underneath the outline, in flashing chartreuse, Unauthorized Entry Key Detected — worse crimes than he’d anticipated.

“Got you, you little troublemaker,” Duke muttered as he tapped in authorization and crime codes. The pocket door slid into the wall with a whoosh.

The girl breaking into Bahadur’s computer jerked upright with a classic caught-in-the-act expression: wide eyes, wrinkled forehead, parted lips. When Duke strode into the room, she darted past. He caught her waist in the crook of his elbow and with his other elbow, he tapped the jamb, closing the door.

“Principal Officer Dukelsky,” he began, “Station –“

Flailing her arms, she slapped him in the mouth.

“– Security,” he finished.

Effing Feline here again. Isn’t that a wonderfully romantic first meeting? Ed is a master of romance . . . not. You can see why I want you, rather than him, to write feline romances (the more graphic the better).

Be sure to check out the other great writers in Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. but don’t waste too much time there. You have to get writing for me!

PS — Until the October 4 release date, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station is available for a special introductory price of just 99c.


The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station

Three Strangers Facing an Enemy Invasion

The space pirates think they’ve conquered Farflung Space Station—but they didn’t count on Duke. The station’s Head of Security wants to prove to his army-officer parents he’s outgrown his youthful rebelliousness, and defeating a small army of pirates (almost) single-handedly is the perfect opportunity.

And they didn’t count on Lockey. This beautiful, kick-ass princess knows every weapon and martial arts system in the galaxy. She fell in love with Duke at first sight, and now winning his heart and destroying the pirates are her greatest desires.

And most importantly, the pirates didn’t count on Sandrina. After loving Duke from afar, she now yearns to fight for him. The attractive waif has discovered so many of Farflung’s secrets that she’s the most powerful person on the station, though nobody knows it yet.

They’re about to find out.

The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station is available now on Amazon for pre-order at a special introductory price of just 99c.



  1. I really enjoyed this snippet Ed – I think you may have a winner, despite what Effing thinks. (Effing, I do have an ‘icecat’ in one of my books – ah but come to think of it he’s more like a bear than a cat, in spite of the name. Technically though, there is a cat in the book! (and the herone of the third book in my trilogy is called Cat – does that count?

    1. The heroine of the sequel to this book is also called Catt. I doubt very much that’s what Effing has in mind, though.

  2. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Not what one expects for a first meeting, but I’m okay with that. Looking forward to more!

    1. This book is a bit heavier on science fiction than on romance, so I guess the opening fits.

  3. I love this entire scene you’ve drawn! It really brings everything to life.

    1. And I love to hear that the scene came to life for you!

  4. Effing. Ed will have to write a story just for you and us. Just purr nicely and look sexy maybe he will. This new book sounds exciting with a caught in the cookie jar encounter. Can’t wait to know what exciting adventure awaits.

    1. Exciting adventures abound. Just wait until the space pirates arrive.

  5. I’m kind of wondering, Effing, just what a sophisticated feline like you would find romantic. Sitting up on the roof with your honey gazing at the moon? Prowling the alleys together looking for a bit of excitement? A candlelight tuna fish dinner for two? Give me a bit of help here, and maybe I’ll come up with something.

    (I do have a cat who plays a major plot role in my novel Miranda’s Masks…)

    Also – don’t sell Ed’s romance short. It’s not typical, but it’s heartfelt.

    1. I’m almost afraid to ask Effing what he considers romantic. Probably nothing that we’d consider romantic. Getting sloshed on catnip and eating raw mice or something of the sort.

  6. Once again, you’ve captured this reader with an exciting snippet and, of course, always humor to keep us smiling. BTW, I intend to write a cat love story since, right here in my home, two of our felines carry on daily with serious romance so adorable.

    1. One cat love story coming up. Purrfect!

  7. A fun meeting and your plot sounds intriguing.
    PS, I have a short story starring a kitten. There’s also the bossy jaguar in my superhero series.

    1. Not just a jaguar, but also a farleon leonid, I believe.

  8. Jacqui the Cat and Effing should really meet for catnip someday and have a heart to heart.
    Love the snippet and all the tech details, and that she belts him one is just perfect.

    1. I’m not so sure about that, Alexis. Two alpha male cats stoned on catnip . . . that could be a recipe for claws and blood.

  9. Interesting reaction she had and I love the way he finishes his sentence anyway. Great snippet!

    1. Her reaction shows that she knows she’s doing something the cops won’t like. But what?

  10. nancygideon · · Reply

    Love a feisty female with good reflexes! He’s got his hands full!

    1. Ah, but her reflexes weren’t good enough to get away, were they?

  11. Siren X Star · · Reply

    I like her! And loved this snippet!

    1. You like people who get caught in the middle of a break and enter? A chacun a sa gout !

  12. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    Well, that was an interesting first meeting. lol Great scene.

    1. Kinda hard to see how this will lead to romance, eh?

  13. Fantastic meet cute! This is going to be quite a scene, I can already tell.

    Effing, it’s not a book, but you should watch the 1962 animated movie Gay Pur-ee, a funny romantic movie about cats falling in love.

    1. I’m glad you think a policeman catching a thief in the act is ‘cute’.

  14. Chris Grover · · Reply

    I agree, Effing. That’s not exactly my idea of a romantic meeting either. You need to give Ed a few pointers

    1. I think my future as a romance writer is in trouble if I need pointers from alley cats.

  15. I get the feeling she’s not going to fight quite hard to not get arrested.
    Reserved for the Cat by Mercedes Lackey has a cat romance, Effing. Does that count?

    1. Effing is getting an education about all the cat romance books out there. I guess he hasn’t read widely enough before now.

      1. You’d think he would–after all, why would be want to read about humans? Or worse, dogs!

  16. What a cute, and intense scene. Heck of a way to meet. I can imagine, it gets even more interesting.

    1. Don’t most female criminals fall in love with their arresters?

  17. Awww…. Effing. You’ll get your love story. If nothing else, Ed will write it, I’m sure.
    Great snippet, Ed.

    1. Despite what he may say, I suspect Effing’s more interested in sex than romance.

  18. I think I’m the only one who wants to know why she was trying to break into the person’s computer.

    1. That is an excellent question to be asking yourself! The answer will be surprising, I hope!

  19. She isn’t going to be easy to handle. He better be careful with her.

    1. She’s a slippery one, all right, but what she does to convince him to let her go is unexpected and, I can say with some certainty, unique.

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