No sex, understand? #mfrwhooks

I hope the title of today’s hook doesn’t disappoint you too much. It’s the heroine’s initial response to the hero, not a commentary on the book’s supposed chastity.

My sci fi romance, Alien Contact for Runaway Moms, is escaping into the big, wide world in just a few days. This Saturday, in fact! Audra Verhailey, twenty-three years old, has accepted the help of an alien Kwadran, who guides her silently through the woods. After a couple of hours, his silence is driving her crazy.

. . . the guy tormented her with an enigmatic smile as he climbed over a fallen tree trunk. Expecting his gaze to rake her body, she slouched. But he didn’t check her out. Didn’t even glance at her as she detoured around the log.

She was relieved, sure, but this guy was spooky with a capital S—which could also stand for Silent and Scary. His name was Al or Hal or something that rhymed with that, but his silence was a wall forbidding even simple questions. She didn’t understand him, and that bothered her. People—guys, at least—didn’t help runaways out of the goodness of their hearts. Though Kwadrans hailed from an alternate Earth, they were human, and human guys thought with their dicks no matter what planet they were born on.

Guys were dicks, no matter what planet they were born on.

“I just wanted to make that clear,” she said, determined to coax something out of him. When he didn’t answer, she stepped close enough to poke his shoulder with three stiff fingers. “No sex, understand?”


Only one word, but it was progress. “So don’t try anything.”


She stopped and planted her feet. “I warn you, I’ve taken self-defense classes.”

When a new possibility hit her, her tired legs wobbled so much she had to lean against a tree to keep from falling. “Did Tom pay you to lead me around in circles until he gets here?”

Blinking, her guide stopped. “Sorry, what did you say?” He took a deep breath and looked around as though he was returning from far away. “Going back is hard for me.”

Tearing Roxie from the security of a posh apartment wasn’t easy for her, either. Not knowing where her baby would sleep tonight was agony. He’d get no sympathy from her.

Well, not none. Less than his help deserved, though.

“Is a lawyer named Thomas J. Verhailey paying you to do this?”

“I wish he was. Wish somebody was.”

Fighting off a shiver of dread, Audra wrapped her hands around her elbows. As she feared, he wanted some kind of payment for his help.

“He your husband?”

“God, no.” That, at least, was one mistake she hadn’t made.

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Alien Contact for Runaway Moms is available for pre-order, so order your copy now:



  1. You always leave me with a chuckle.

    1. So you’re saying my writing is laughable? Gee, thanks a lot! 😉

  2. I like how she’s not even sure of his name but she’s sure of so much else about him. 🙂

    1. It makes you wonder whether she’s seeing him or a bogeyman she’s invented.

  3. always enjoy your snippits.

    1. I’m glad. I try to keep them short, and I try to end with a punchline of some sort.

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