Effing Feline worries about Cousin Lee #wewriwa

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I, Effing Feline, am expecting a visitor soon — my cousin Lee.  While I admire Lee, for some reason he makes me feel small. Any cat except me would be scared of Lee, but not me!

But I’m a big enough cat to admit I’m a wee bit anxious about the last time we met. You see, I turned him in to the cops, who put him behind bars; he’s out on a good-behavior furlough. Do you think he’ll be mad at me?

In Alien Contact for Runaway Moms, Tal Pelletier has escorted Audra Verhailey and her baby to the abandoned underground city where he had lived  before his people hopped Kwadra Island to this Earth. After a hard day’s hike, they’re in the the mysterious town, near the end of their trek.

“We’re going to my place.” He looked back, realized he was walking too fast, and slowed. “Where we used to live, Before.” He spoke that last word as though it were capitalized, and she supposed to a Kwadran, it was.

“Who lives there now?”

“By Tsonkwa’s nose hairs, there’d better be nobody — it’s still mine!”

She hurried after him. As they walked, Roxie fussed more and more. Soon she’d be crying, and Audra couldn’t take proper care of her until they stopped. The only thing that helped was singing, so she sang about an itsy bitsy spider — softly, so he couldn’t hear how bad her singing voice was.

When she looked up from her song, Tal had vanished.

Effing Feline here again. Those of you who’ve been in Weekend Writing Warriors a long time may remember Cousin Lee, but for those who are new, here’s his picture. Do you think I should be worried about putting him behind bars at the zoo? I’ll let you know next week how the visit went.

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Alien Contact for Runaway Moms

She’s running from an abusive lover…but what is she running to?

When her abusive lover tries to take custody of her baby, Audra flees where even he can’t follow: the aliens’ forbidden cities underneath Kwadra Island.

But can the safety she wants for her daughter survive a search party, violent alien criminals—and the love of an emotionally damaged Kwadran?

Alien Contact for Runaway Moms is available now for pre-order from these fine retailers.



  1. Itsy bitsy. Love that song. Love singing in to my kid.

    1. The song stuck with me, too, which is why I used it here.

  2. The grandkid loves to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider! Also, where did Tal go?

    PS – Effing, seriously, I don’t know if Lee holds a grudge, but maybe you should go to a day spa, or something.

    1. I gather you think discretion is the better part of valor.

  3. I’m curious about where and why Tal disappeared!

    1. I’m glad. This is an example of what Donald Maass callls ‘micro-tension’ — a tiny bit of uncertainty that’s just a blip on the road to the major events.

  4. I’d be worried, Effing.

    Our bad deeds come back to haunt us…

    1. Especially when our bad deeds were done to a lion.

  5. nancygideon · · Reply

    Nice cliffhanger, Ed! Soothe us with a song and end up with a disappearing act. We mothers who have had fussy babies are not amused. But I’m sure we can be calmed with a logical explanation. Effing, maybe you should have gone to apologize on visiting day.

    1. Mothers of fussy babies may not be amused, but at least they can relate.

  6. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Seems they were both too distracted to keep track of each other.

    1. A momentary lapse, surely. But will it have consequences?

  7. julieevelynjoyce · · Reply

    Love how she’s self-conscious about him hearing her singing voice. There’s nothing sweeter to me than a parent singing to their child. 🙂 Great snippet!

    1. And the baby surely doesn’t care about the quality of Mom’s voice.

  8. By the hairs in my nose, where’s he gone!

    1. Tsonkwa’s nose, not yours. Unless you’re a mythological monster?

  9. Uh oh, he’s vanished?! I didn’t see that coming, as in nice plot twist there. Great snippet…

    1. Gotta keep readers guessing, you know.

  10. Ed, you’re a wonder combining humor and danger.

    1. Thanks, Charmaine!

  11. Nice job lulling us into a false sense of security.

    1. That’s what LULLabies are for, right?

  12. Oh no, he’s gone?! Where did he go and will she find him?
    Effing, you could have shipped your cousin back to Africa instead of putting him behind bars, he would probably be much happy than the picture above.

    1. Lee isn’t from Africa. He’s from Poughkeepsie.

  13. Either he’s afraid of spiders or her singing drove him away. (I’ve been asked to sing solo — so low no one can hear me.)

    1. So low no one can hear . . . I like that!

  14. Uh oh! Where’d he go??

    Effing, perhaps if I appeal directly to you rather than to your pet human?? You should be the star of a book. 🙂

    1. He thinks he’s the star of life, not just a book.

  15. This was fun to read and I look forward to getting these. So creative and familiar.

    1. Although I didn’t plan the baby as a marketing tool, now that the book’s done I hope Roxie brings in customers precisely because she’s familiar.

  16. Oh dear, I’d hate to be in her position – she might not have been too comfortable with him earlier, but she’s far worse off without him. Effing – I think you might be in big troube, judging by his expression. Run, Effing, run! 🙂

    1. Do you think a puddy tat can outrace a lion ?

  17. Great snippet, I loved it!

  18. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    My daughter in law was singing itsy bitsy spider to her grandchild today. I bet she was scared when she looked up and he was gone.

    1. Wait . . . you’re daughter-in-law is Audra Verhailey?

  19. Diane Burton · · Reply

    By Tsonkwa’s nose hairs, I love this expression! Okay, so where did Tal go? We have to wait, don’t we? About Lee. I agree that Effing should leave–go to the movies, have lunch with a buddy, a spa date would be good.

    1. Ah, someone who knows a bit about Tsonkwa, the mythological monster?

  20. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    The Itsy bitsy spider was one of my favorites. 🙂 Where did he vanish to? I’m curious to know.

    1. Maybe he went up the water spout? Or down?

  21. Hope he’s just hurried ahead to make sure the coast is clear! She seems pretty trusting at this point.

    1. She’s getting there all right.

  22. Did Tal leave because of the song??? Ha! If you want a real ear worm, imagine the song ‘Some Enchanted Evening’. Now try and get THAT out of your head.
    Meet up with Lee, just don’t turn your back. Maybe he’s reformed and wishes to thank you for setting him on the straight and narrow. Just sayin’

    1. I have to agree with you, Sue. One should NEVER turn their back on a lion.

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