Great for romantic strolls #mfrwhooks

Welcome to Alien Contact for Runaway Moms (aka Audra Fleeing Audra Finding), the fifth book in my Alien Contact for Idiots series. I’m pleased to note that this book is close to ready to read!

In the near future, a duplicate of Vancouver Island has appeared off Washington State. The inhabitants are Kwadrans — Native Americans from a scientifically advanced alternate Earth. Their Earth was polluted, climate-changed, and nearly uninhabitable. Matt Verhailey has engaged the help of Kwadran Duchess Opsie Beaverpaw in finding his niece, who has fled her abusive lover to Kwadra’s forbidden underground cities with her seven-month-old daughter.

In this scene, Matt gets his first glimpse of the abandoned city where Opsie and three young cousins will search. Opsie considers the search hopeless — it’s like searching for a particular drop of water in an ocean — but the last line hints at how she wants to spend the time with Matt.

The train slowed, then stopped. The duchess’s hand had already raised a tad of excitement, and now the prospect of seeing a kwayviva roused more.

Eyes wide, Matt stepped off the train into an alien world. Craning his neck to take in all the sights, he turned in a circle. “So this is a kwayviva.”

Kwadra discouraged visitors, so few people from this Earth had ever glimpsed one in person. Sure, he’d seen the coverage of the ceremony in a different kwayviva, honoring the completion of Earth’s first starship. Those videos, though, failed to capture the sheer size and solemn grandeur of the artificial caverns, just as photos of the Grand Canyon failed to convey the awe that filled a viewer’s heart.

High overhead, glass-smooth walls arched into a flattened dome. There were no parks or large open spaces. Low buildings filled the huge cave, separated by narrow pedestrian lanes that wandered in whimsy. His engineer’s mind said the arrangement was as inefficient but as intriguing as some of Europe’s old neighborhoods. The tourist in him said the layout showed how differently Kwadrans thought.

“Well?” Opsie asked.

“It’s huge,” he said.

“Medium sized,” she corrected. “But it’s home.”

“Not any more,” Bligh said. “It feels so different.”

“It’s the sky,” Pete said.

Matt looked up. The ceiling glowed like a real sky. Some hotel in Vegas—the Paris?—had a ceiling with sky and fluffy clouds, but that was a preschooler’s finger-painting compared to this Sistine Chapel of dark blue sky dotted with red-streaked sunset clouds and soaring seagulls. The ‘birds’ flapped their wings like real birds. The three-dimensional ‘clouds’ floated like real clouds.

“Except for a short nighttime, it’s always twilight down here now” Opsie looked Matt in the eyes. “Great for romantic strolls.”

Alien Contact for Runaway Moms
She’s running from an abusive lover…but what is she running to?

It’s here.

The moment you’ve been waiting for.

You can let out your breath now. Loosen that tight grip on your sanity.

Alien Contact for Runaway Moms is escaping into the wild on September 1. Better yet: It’s available now for pre-order from these fine retailers. Order your copy now!



  1. Fantastic excerpt! And I’m looking forward to the release.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lisabet!

  2. Enjoyed the always twilight. Good luck with the release

    1. I don’t think I’ve captured the oddness well here, but when I lived up north the long twilights, lasting until midnight, sometimes cast a spell on me, as though I was betwixt and between . . . something.

  3. Wow! that sounds so pretty. I’d like to see that.

    1. You have good visualization skills, Kayelle.

  4. henhousepublishing · · Reply

    Wonderful ambiance … er … atmosphere.

    1. Er . . . air?

  5. The kwayviva sounds fascinating. I like the new title a lot. Good luck with the release, Ed. Tweeted

    1. The title is a collaboration between me and my wife.

  6. Fabulous. Congrats on pre-release and upcoming release. Another great read. Tweeted.

    1. I really needed to get this one out the door because there’s suddenly a backlog. After no releases for 8 months, I could have 3 or 4 more before the end of the year.

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