Effing Feline vacations #8Sunday

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I, Effing Feline am not here. I’m far away in my mind, vacationing in the land of catnip — which is the superior, feline version of Margaritaville. Go away, unlucky humans, and read this week’s snippet without my inspiring guidance.

For the last few weeks, we’ve glimpsed Tal Pelletier’s misgivings about opening the doors to the abandoned underground city where he had lived when his wife and child died, before his people hopped Kwadra Island to this Earth. Now they have finally opened the doors to the massive underground cavern housing the city where he was born and lived until his wife and child died.

Tal blinked, because although the cavern’s lights were dim, they were too bright after the ventilation tunnel. The air smelled and felt different. The brisk air in the  ventilation tunnel was raucous and angry; this air was still with resignation.

Audra moved, startling him. She touched her forehead, the baby on her chest, then both shoulders. He puzzled over her movements for a moment before realizing she’d made the sign of the cross. The gesture was perfect, showing that she realized the mystical power of the world of his ghosts. She was indeed a Spirit Guide, sent to help him overcome his demons.

Instead of entering, they stood on the verge, not closing the door on the howling wind. Prepared to take his cue from his Guide, he waited.

Effing Feline here again . . . except that I’m not, remember? So just go away and leave me be.

If, like Ed, you need something to occupy you all the time rather than enjoying the sublimity of staring off into space, check out the other writers in Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday.

Alien Contact for Runaway Moms

She’s running from an abusive lover…but what is she running to?

When her abusive lover tries to take custody of her baby, Audra flees where even he can’t follow: the aliens’ forbidden cities underneath Kwadra Island.

But can the safety she wants for her daughter survive a search party, violent alien criminals—and the love of an emotionally damaged Kwadran?




  1. Wonderful character building. He has such a sad past. I’m rooting for them to work things out–I’m sure they will. But he has some big baggage to get past first.

    1. Yes, he has baggage, but then the more ‘down’ he is at the beginning, the greater the joy in his redemption.

  2. Everyone is damaged – they should be good for each other. Right? Effing? Oh, you’re not here. Hi, Ed! Great snippet, so emotional.

    1. They’re a perfect fit to heal each other, I hope.

  3. Beautiful excerpt – and I love the ’emotions’ being attributed to the air. hve a nice vacation Effing, I’m vacationing in my mind too, by a river in the woods beineath my beloved Welsh mounttains!

    1. What do you know about that, Hywela? Sometimes I mentally vacation in my mountains back home in British Columbia. Different mountains, same emotions, perhaps.

  4. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    I like how the roles have reversed here. At first, he was her guide up the mountain, but now, she will guide him in the spirit world. Great snippet!

    1. Thanks! I sharpened that role reversal during rewrites because I thought it was a neat change of roles.

  5. I love the descriptions of the air–gives a whole new feeling to where they are. Enjoy your vacation, Effing! You deserve it. 🙂

    1. The tunnel’s wind was such a big part of the previous chapter that it seemed right to give it a nod here, too.

  6. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    Wonderful imagery. I’m enjoying how this story is unfolding.

    1. Thanks so much, Karen!

  7. Jeesh, Effing, I don’t mind leaving you alone, but you could at least be nice about it.

    This is a great snippet, Ed. Anticipating where this will go from here.

    1. Effing? Be nice? Ha ha ha ha.

  8. Such a fascinating story going on here! Enjoyed the excerpt and the peaceful feeling…but also as if we’re waiting for some large event to occur next.

    1. Of course some big even is about to occur. Namely, we’re moving into Act II.

  9. A Spirit Guide – makes an interesting twist.

    1. Most of my Kwadrans are very modern people. You might even say ultra-modern, in that they’re from the 23rd century. Tal, though, adheres to more of the old beliefs, and in some ways makes him that makes him more like the Northwest Coast Indians of our world, with his belief in the old spirits.

  10. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    Nice imagery. Enjoyed the excerpt.

    1. I’ve enjoyed writing Tal’s POV. Compared to Audra’s desperation (which I’ve toned down during rewrites) he’s almost a philosopher, so vivid imagery comes naturally to him.

  11. nancygideon · · Reply

    Great descriptive imagery, Ed! I adore this guy for his broken heart and hopeful spirit. Spirit guide? Maybe . . .

    1. She was right about him wanting something from her, but it’s not her body. She would never have guessed it was her guidance.

  12. I have this image of the two of them standing there, each waiting for the other to do something because each thinks the other is the guide.

    1. Exactly. She assumes he’s still in the lead, while he assumes she knows how he’s thinking.

  13. Wonders never cease when I read your snippets. Thanks, Ed. for writing so well

    1. You’re welcome, Charmaine!

  14. Ooh, great tension here. Can’t wait to find out what happens net.

    1. I think both of these characters are wondering kind of the same thing.

  15. Beautiful snippet, I loved it!

    1. Glad to hear it, Amy!

  16. I’m actually vacationing under the Cascade Mountains, but happy to tune in and read another great snippet. Loved everything about this. Sweet, powerful and more than a little scary.

    1. I’ve spent some time in the Cascades as well — a couple of camping trips, though mostly just driving through them.

  17. It’s nice to think they can help each other.

    1. If they can stay alive long enough, yes.

  18. Another interesting snippet to the story. I like how she’s become the guide now.

    1. Oh, he’ll still show her around the underground city, but he expects to learn from her . . . though of course she has no idea what he’s talking about.

  19. Beautiful description of the cavern vs tunnel!

    1. Thanks. In a situation like this, description is essential.

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