For Your Honor? #mfrwhooks


In the near future, a duplicate of Vancouver Island has appeared off Washington State. The inhabitants are Kwadrans — Native Americans from a scientifically advanced alternate Earth. Their Earth was polluted, climate-changed, and nearly uninhabitable.

Today’s hook picks up from last week’s. Duchess Opsie Beaverpaw has an unexpected guest — Elfy, a 14-year-old girl who want to accompany her to the abandoned underground cities during the search for a young mother from Portland who fled her abusive lover. Opsie says no, citing the danger from rebels who escaped to the old cities. Elfy speaks first.


“I don’t care about the rebels.” Her look of wide-eyed innocence was unconvincing. “Nonetheless, I’m bringing along a pistol, just in case.”

Opsie lowered her feet to the floor. “What?”

Elfy reached into her large purse and pulled out a semi-automatic pistol like one the Kwadran army used.

“A needle gun? Give that to me before you kill someone by accident.”

The girl stuffed the needler back into her purse. “It won’t be by accident, and it won’t be just anyone. It’ll be a rebel.”

“Elfy, no. ”

“Elfy, yes. Don’t worry about me. I need to run to my fear of the old cities and face it by walking the old streets again. Running away from my fears doesn’t work. Don’t you need the same thing, Duchess, though for a different reason? To clear out the last of the rebels? For your honor, I mean?”

I’ve shipped this manuscript off to my beta readers. About time: I’m at the ‘thoroughly sick of it’ stage. Have any of you ever felt that way about a manuscript?

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Alien Contact for Runaway Moms

She’s running from an abusive lover . . . but what is she running to?

When her abusive lover threatens to take custody of her baby, Audra Verhailey flees where even he can’t follow: the aliens’ forbidden cities underneath Kwadra Island.

But can the safe isolation she wants for her daughter survive a search party, a gang of alien criminals — and the love of an emotionally damaged Kwadran?




  1. I’ve felt that way about most books when I release them. Pixar says their movies aren’t released — they escape. LOL

    1. I like that. This manuscript is due to escape soon!

  2. janwal · · Reply

    Yes. I know a book is finished when even the thought of reading it again makes me nauseated. Great exceprt

    1. Well, I can’t say that any of my books has nauseated me. Readers yes, me no. 😉

  3. Sounds like a typical teenager.

    1. A typical teenager, but with a sense of entitlement because she’s the king’s cousin.

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