Effing Feline says Ed needs help #8sunday

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I, Effing Feline, think my pet human, is trying to trick me. Ed wants me to apologize for not getting to everyone’s post last week because he was busy with a July deadline. But I don’t believe that story. He just wants to trick me into saying the word sorry. I’ve never said that word, though, and won’t start now. So there.

He also wants me to wish those of you with frostbitten fingers a joyous and warm Canada Day. That I’m willing to do.

Today’s snippet is again from Ed’s WIP, the fifth book in his Alien Contact for Idiots series. It’s titled ??? (Yes, the question marks are intentional; see below.)

Last week Tal Pelletier, our flawed hero, hesitated before opening the doors to the abandoned underground city where he had lived before alien technology moved all of Kwadra Island to this Earth. His wife and child in the underground city.

If his family had never existed on this world, didn’t that mean that he didn’t exist, either? That everything he’d experienced since Kwadra hopped to this Earth was a delusion? Even this very moment?

A shiver of apprehension turned his spine into water, but he was too proud to let the crazy white lady glimpse his existential fears. She needed his strength and his pitiful stock of wisdom. To her, he was a symbol of the alien’s incomprehensible power, and that was as it should be. He must try to become that symbol for her, rather than a flesh-and-blood man with fears and demons and needs.

Needs — yes. Before he opened this door and faced his past, his ghosts, and his demons, he needed a drink. Quick, before his hands started shaking.

Effing Feline here again. I was right — it was a trick! Ed duped me! Right there in the second paragraph, he got me to say sorry.

Hiss! I did it again!

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Effing still here. Ed needs help. (By the great Queen of Catdom, does he need help!)

Help with a title, that is. You’ve read snippets of this book — and even if you haven’t, which these do you think is the best, most salable title for it? I get a cat treat for each submission, so please vote!

If you have a better suggestion, enter it in a comment. I get TWO treats for those. And if it helps, here’s the blurb:

When her abusive lover tries to take custody of her baby, Audra flees where even he can’t follow: the aliens’ forbidden cities underneath Kwadra Island.

But can the safety she wants for her daughter survive a search party, violent alien criminals—and the love of an emotionally damaged Kwadran?



  1. You might have said “sorry”, but you didn’t apologize…!

    1. Effing thanks you saving his pride.
      No, no, it can’t be his pride; that’s lions, not house cats.

  2. nancygideon · · Reply

    I LOVE how ‘human’ you’ve made our hero with this peek into his POV. His vulnerability makes him extra likable.

    1. It makes him human and also points the way to how he needs to grow by the end.

  3. Great snippet – love the bit about his spine turning to water. Voted and tweeted.

    And thanks for the Happy Canada Day – yes, we have all thawed out – with humidex it is currently 97 and it’s expected to go up – with humidex – to 111.

    1. I talked with one of my sons in Toronto this morning. He has a room air conditioner in the bedroom, so that’s where he stays this weekend . . . except when he has to go out several times a day to walk the dog.

  4. Hum, he is a bit complicated. I wonder how he will figure out if he exists or not, that’s not an easy question but isn’t just being there and asking the question already the answer?

    1. Yes, in a way. He has to believe in himself, though.

  5. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    I’m really enjoying learning about this hero. The glimpse into his inner conflict is nice compared to before when he was quiet and the reader had no idea what he was thinking.

    1. I hope I struck the right balance with this.Three chapters of Audra and her baby, during which readers hopefully get curious about Tal, followed by these insights.

  6. That’s the kind of thinking that could really drive someone crazy–no wonder he needs a drink.

    1. By the end of the book, he won’t feel the need to drink any longer.

  7. Great insight to his thoughts and emotions! Also my blog link isn’t working, so here’s my post! http://amybraunauthor.com/sunday-snippet-i-got-the-charm-and-you-got-the-glower/

    1. Glad you sent the link so I could read your snippet.

  8. Gotta love a guy who hangs in despite his feelings of inadequacy.

    1. For five years he’s put off coming back to the underworld to deal with his issues — and the only reason he’s doing it now is that baby Roxie is the same age as his dead son and Audra reminds him of his dead wife. Hence she’s his Spirit Mother who will teach him what he needs to learn.

  9. Like the insight into this character. And I voted, so Effing gets his treat 🙂

    1. Effing will thank you as soon as he finishes chewing.

  10. They are both broken. Perfect, to help each other move on.

    1. And help they shall.

  11. I enjoyed getting to know him in this snippet. I like the mysterious kind but its better to see some insight, especially about his family. Thanks for the happy holidays, sadly no ice- not with these temperatures in Ontario. I also voted so make sure Effing gets his treats!

    1. The strong, silent type is intriguing up to a point, but readers do want to know what goes on behind the stoic facade.

  12. Whew, this guy’s issues are even worse than Effing’s! Though I doubt Effing needs a drink. Catnip, maybe.

    1. Interesting observation, Christina. Shall I save a few cat treats for Tal, then?

  13. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    Loved the peek into the hero’s POV. Definitely reveals a lot about him.

    1. Thanks. Here we learn about the ’emotionally damaged’ hero.

  14. I too enjoyed learning more about Tal and his insecurities, makes him seem so much more ‘human’ somehow. I voted so I guess Effing will get another treat – hope he doesn’t get too fat!

    1. He will. Get too fat, I mean.

  15. The internal conflict is fascinating. Great snippet!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it more than the opening.

  16. Fascinating the way you’ve pulled this writer into another world. To be continued with the further adventures as we learn what happens next.

    1. Glad to hear it, Charmaine.

  17. This seems a worse dilemma than the chicken or the egg. Why is he there if his wife and child didn’t exist? How does he even remember them? Such a quandary! Keeps me wanting to know more.

    1. Kwadra Island was ‘hopped’ to our Earth from an alternate Earth soon after his wife and child died. Hence they never existed on this Earth.

  18. Please tell Effing he’s good. Saying sorry for someone else doesn’t really count as saying the word “sorry”.

    Tough to be up on that lofty pedestal–when you’re sure you’re about to tumble if you don’t do something. Great snippet, Ed. Nice conflict.

    1. He doesn’t feel worthy of being on the pedestal, either.

  19. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    Deep thoughts and then he needed a drink. Well done.

    1. Hey, deep thoughts can be scary.

  20. Title suggestion: Beneath Kwadra Island

    I love his thought in this. The first bit made me think of Schrodinger’s Cat.

    1. I’ll tell Effing your reaction. He likes anything to do with cats.

  21. Dang humans and their s-word. Hang in there, Effing!

    He’s not quite as strong as he’s trying to project. At some point, those fears are going to bite him!

    1. He’s a guy, so of course he’s trying to appear stronger and tougher than he really is.

  22. Oh, i love today’s snippet. so much in so little words. Great!

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