The Tiniest Trace of Sarcasm #mfrwhooks

Today, I have for you another hook from my WIP titled Audra Fleeing Audra Finding, book 5 in the Alien Contact for Idiots series. To help you figure out what’s going on, here’s the short-form blurb:

She’s running from an abusive lover . . . but what is she running to?

When her abusive lover threatens to take custody of her baby, Audra Verhailey flees where even he can’t follow: the aliens’ forbidden cities underneath Kwadra Island.

But can the safe isolation she wants for her daughter survive a search party, rebels determined to expel her from her newfound haven — and the love of an emotionally damaged Kwadran?

Today’s hook is about the formation of the search party. Kwadra’s Queen Elinor is twisting the arm of a reluctant Duchess Opsie Beaverpaw to lead the search.

Nowadays, Elinor served as an informal liaison between Americans and her new people. Matthew Verhailey must have applied to her for help. She hoped his request was more interesting than plastering, because helping him might mend some badly broken fences.

“I’m looking for a woman,” he said.

Opsie waved to indicate her unfinished office. “I’m afraid my brothel isn’t quite open for business.” The joke felt forced, but Elinor liked it when Kwadrans, especially the nobility, acted with the informality of her homeland.

Instead of smiling, Verhailey frowned. “It’s my niece, Audra.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“She ran away to Kwadra and then disappeared,” Queen Elinor said. “We don’t have private investigators yet — too busy building our infrastructure from scratch — but as our recently retired head of the gendarmerie, you’re the closest we have.”

Opsie stifled a groan. Finding a runaway young woman who didn’t want to be found, on an island two-hundred-eighty miles long, sounded worse than plastering. But did she really have a choice?

“Thank you very much, Your Majesty,” she said with only the tiniest trace of sarcasm.

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  1. I don’t really think Elinor deserves that sarcasm. But I guess Opsie has a bit of a broken heart and can be forgiven.

    1. Two things, I think, lead to that bit of sarcasm. 1) Their history of being rivals for the same man, and 2) being asked, in effect, to search a haystack for a needle.

  2. janwal · · Reply

    You always make me chuckle. Plastering or searching, that is the question

    1. Yup. It’s right up there with To be or not to be.

  3. Interesting excerpt.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. You hooked me with that title–“the tiniest bit of sarcasm.” Made me smile. What an adventure your are on with this story.
    JQ Rose

    1. Let’s hope all readers agree with you!

  5. Interesting.

    1. Thanks, Holly.

    2. Also, I’ve tried three or four times to leave a comment on your hook’s page. I always get an error message, but I’ve tried, really I have.

  6. Only tiny? LOL Nice excerpt.

    1. Well, this woman is her queen and (in previous books) their relationship has a touch of frost but isn’t openly antagonistic.

  7. It’s obvious Opsie isn’t happy about her commission. The sarcasm tells us a lot about her. I like the world(s) you’ve built here.

    1. Opsie has been a minor character in a couple other books in this series. The last time she appeared (in Newborn) she was a villain, or at least the antagonist, so I want to rehabilitate her — for no other reason than I love the name Beaverpaw.

  8. always enjoy your humor. Have plastered and searched. Not sure which one was worse. 🙂

    1. My mind often shoots off on tangents — a useful skill as a writer, less so socially. In reading your comment, I was struck by how utterly different passive tense is for “plastered and searched.” BEEN plastered, BEEN searched.

  9. Seems a lot of people don’t like plastering.

    1. Understandable, IMHO.

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