A Silly Dream #mfrwhooks

Here’s the next hook from my almost finished WIP, which I have now tentatively titled Audra Fleeing, Audra Finding. Audra is a young woman you haven’t yet met in the hooks I’ve selected for you.

This snippet follows immediately after last week’s text. When her alien nation’s queen arrives at Opsie Beaverpaw’s under-construction house, Opsie is a mess after getting plaster on her face. It turns out the queen isn’t alone. When she shakes the man’s hand, she gets plaster on his fingers.

Opsie handed him a couple of paper towels. She’d paid more attention to the plaster on his hand than his name, but she had a born leader’s knack for remembering: Matthew Verhailey. They sat and exchanged a few pleasantries.

That done, she faced Elinor and kept her voice carefully devoid of expression. “I assume you brought Mr. Verhailey here because you want me to do a favor for him.”

The queen was American. When Kwadra had appeared overnight off the coast of Washington State, panicking the whole world, she had led a team of scientists exploring the impossible, world-changing phenomenon. She’d made first ‘alien’ contact with the Kwadran leader, Tro Eaglesbrood. During a quarantine of several weeks, the two of them fell in love. Their marriage had cemented the tentative friendship between the new neighboring countries.

Although the words had never been spoken, Opsie had always fancied she would marry Tro. They were perfect for each other in every way, except love. It had been a silly dream, nothing more, yet losing it to this woman hurt.

Nowadays, Queen Elinor served as an informal liaison between Americans and her new people. Verhailey must have applied to her for help. She hoped his request was more interesting than plastering, because it might mend some badly broken fences.

Be sure to check out the hooks by other great writers in the Book Hooks blog hop. And if you have any reaction to the new working title, let me know.



  1. janwal · · Reply

    The queen was American interested me and I’m wondering where you’re headed.

    1. The story of how an American got married to an alien Kwadran king is told in book one of this series, Alien Contact for Idiots.

  2. Also wondering where the story is going. Very interesting.

    1. That’s the purpose of hooks, to get you wondering!

  3. Now this is intriguing. Waiting to see where you are going with this.

    1. Thanks so much for that, Daryl.

  4. Hi, Ed! I just finished reading Alien Contact for Idiots — great story! — so now I have a much better understanding of the backstory for both this book and Prince Charming.

    But since you still haven’t introduce Audra… I’m definitely wondering why she’s in the title!

    1. Thanks for the kind words about Alien Contact for Idiots.In some ways I think it’s the weakest book in the series. Sigh.

      You haven’t met Audra because this book has two major threads: Audra running away and meeting a Kwadran, and Opsie and Matt searching for her. In my infinite wisdom (stupidity?), I’ve chosen to feature Audra’s thread on Weekend Writing Warriors and Opsie’s thread on Book Hooks.

  5. like the hand’s on aspect of the character, but I just can’t get past her name, oopsie. Guess it’s because of the small kids around who everytime they drop something says … oopsie. Funny how our own experiences color a reading.

    1. Not OOPsie. OPsie!

  6. Sounds interesting. I love sci/fi stories.

    1. No spaceships or deathrays, unfortunately.

  7. You mean it’s not space opera? Noooo! (Just kidding.) I like what you’re doing with the world, but Opsie kind of drew me up short. Very unusual name. Nice snippet and now I guess I’ll have to check out the weekend post as well.

    1. That’s two negative reactions to her name. Not good — especially since I can’t change her name. She’s been a minor character in three of the four previous books in the series.

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