A Scarred Duchess #MFRWAuthor #MFRWhooks

Sorry for missing last week! Two weeks ago, shared a passage from book two of my Camp NaNoWriMo WIP. The MS is proceeding very well, and though I doubt I’ll finish by the 30th, I should come pretty close. Woohoo!

For a variety of non-authorial reason, I’ve been in a major slump the last year and a half. This will be the first manuscript I’ve written from beginning to end in that stretch of time. For comparison purposes, I wrote and put out three books in 2016. Sigh.

A fortnight ago, I introduced Opsie Beaverpaw, an alien duchess with a badly scarred face. (FYI, this is a near-future science fiction romance.) It’ll be no surprise to you folks that the psychological effect of the scar is the wound she needs to overcome.

When her nation’s queen arrives at Opsie’s under-construction house, she’s mess after getting plaster on her face. Opsie may be a duchess, but that doesn’t mean she’s rich and privileged.

“It’s me, Queen Elinor,” said the voice through the door, “I’m here to see you.”

Opsie grabbed a paper towel and rubbed her cheek. No mirrors were up yet, so she bent down to see her reflection in the glass covering a desktop picture of her mother, uncles, aunts, nine cousins, and her, back when she was young and still pretty. “Can you give me a moment?”

“Only one. I’m in a hurry.”

Opsie got most of the plaster off, but her right cheek wasn’t smooth. White streaks stuck in the rough, jagged scars that ran from cheekbone to jaw, highlighting her deformity. If this room had a tap, she could wash the plaster off. But it didn’t and she couldn’t.

She straightened. As she faced the mess the plaster had made of her ruined cheek, anger boiled up. She stomped to the door and put her hand on the knob, but paused. Tamping down her anger but defiantly positioning her plastery scars toward the door, she opened it. “Come in, please.”

“Thanks.” Queen Elinor stood back and waved a companion to precede her into the office. It was a man: a tall, dark, and handsome stranger who glanced too long at Opsie’s scars before meeting her eyes.

She disliked him already.

It isn’t the way I usually work, but here I am, 80% done, and I still haven’t decided on a title! That’s very annoying, I assure  you. However, I do know that it’s the fifth book in my Alien Contact for Idiots sci fi romance series

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  1. Oh this has promise. She doesn’t like him. Why do I think he will be uber important then? lol 🙂

    1. I guess overcoming initial dislike is a romance trope going back at least as far as Pride and Prejudice.

  2. Hi, Ed —

    Do you have a synopsis for this? Maybe we could suggest some titles.

    Is your duchess the main female character? If so, a title with “scars” in it would be a possibility.

    1. Wow, that’s a very generous offer, Lisabet. Now if I only had a synopsis . . .

  3. Ed, Not sure why she was scarred but Scarred for Valor might be a good one. Love the series title.

    1. Every once in a while I stumbled across a good title like Alien Contact for Idiots or Rescuing Prince Charming. Other times, I feel like a verbal idiot.

  4. I really like the way this group comes together to help each other.

    1. Romance writers are the best at helping other writers.

  5. story definitely has promise. looking forward to more’

    1. Glad to hear that, Helen!

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