Fisherman’s Favorite Pudding #mfrwhooks

As I’ve said here before, I currently have not one but two WIPs undersay. Sigh. Given the way I work, that’s terribly unwise — but while I usually hold sway over my Muse, sometimes she throws me curve balls and strikes out my commonsense.

I’m continuing with the opening of my sci-fi romance/adventure tentatively titled Secrets of Love and War. Cynthia O’Connor is a human who has been adopted into an alien clan (called a familium). Last week I ended with these lines:

She splashed to the cold, soft mud, landing on her backside with face raised to the war-torn heavens. Explosions blossomed here and there, cute little fireflies that vanished as quickly as they came.

Picking up from there:

High in the sky, a bird—no, it was a plane—burst into flame and fell in pieces. More sonic booms exploded as an unseen enemy invaded the peaceful planet.

“So soon?” Kaushelle screamed. “Your people reach us so soon?”

Cynthia pulled one hand from the muck’s embrace, then the other, dripping a torrent of muddy water as she scrambled upright. “They aren’t my people. You are.”

“But the conflict is about your home world, not here. War was promised never to reach the capital.” The screech of sirens and the pounding of explosions put the lie to that promise. “What do we do, what do we do?”

Yes, what to do? For several heart-thumping moments, the dissonance of war drove thought from Cynthia’s mind. Then, as though thinking through gooey Fisherman’s Favorite pudding, she groped toward the only honorable goal.

Her public job was Planter Third Class, but her private role had always been childcare. In selfish moments, she daydreamed of saving a child to repay her familium. And maybe, just maybe, to prove she could graduate to adult tasks.

So save Kaushelle. Get the girl to safety.

Her daydreams, though, were always quieter and less dangerous.

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  1. Okay, so what IS Fisherman’s Favorite Pudding? I have to say, the reference leaves me totally blank!

    1. That’s because this is an alien planet, with alien foods.

  2. I thought this was going to be a recipe and almost didn’t click. What does it mean?

    1. Uh oh. By making up a ‘throw-away term’ I seem to have created a monster.

  3. Like the others, I’d like to know the recipe. Excerpt is intriguing. Working on two books at a time. Don’t you get dizzy?

    1. Dizzy? Not really. Crazy? Well . . .

  4. Enjoying your world. What is the recipe?

    1. Take one fisherman. Make his favorite pudding. Serve it to him.

  5. the pudding threw me for a loop. At first I thought of a recipe fro the British Isles until I realized this was an alien world. Didn’t realize it was a made up term until you mentioned it.

    1. This just goes to show that I should choose my leads more carefully so they don’t distract the readers!

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