Effing Feline hates babies #8Sunday

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I, Effing Feline, live a hard, hard life. To whit, four days a week, when Mrs V (with occasional help from Mr V) babysits their two grandchildren, I must suffer a seven-month-old baby. I’ve taught the four-year-old about my claws; Wesley treats me graciously.

But the seven-month old! Quel horreur! Young Logan likes to grab my tail. Animal cruelty, I say! However, it’s also the perfect segue into this week’s horrifying snippet from Mr V’s science fiction romance, Rescuing Prince Charming.

During the most harrowing — and exciting — ten minutes of Dusty Johnson’s life, she and her mysterious alien companion found a saboteurs’ time bomb, carried it out of the prototype starship, and tossed it into the ocean, where it exploded harmlessly. The bomb may be gone, but their adrenaline isn’t. (Edited from the published version to fit.)

“We did it,” he whooped.

“No, no, you did it,” Dusty said. “That was the bravest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Without you, that bomb blows apart my face. You were amazing.”

“Without you, that bomb blows up in my arms, because I could never have thrown it as far as you did.”

“Without you,” he said, “I’d still have my pants on.”

“Uh, yeah. I bet you’re cold.” She planted her palms on his buttocks and said, “Yep, you’re cold.”

He reciprocated by grabbing her bottom, saying, “And you, my brave lady, are hot.”

Effing Feline here again. See what I mean about horrifying? I hope Dusty scratches his eyes out for daring to grab her tail!

When you’ve recovered from the shocking cruelty of this snippet, visit other writers in the Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday.

Rescuing Prince Charming
Alien Contact for Idiots, book four

She’s no heroine. He’s no Prince Charming.

Dusty Johnson, a self-styled ordinary, everyday woman, responds with extraordinary heroism when saboteurs try to bomb the prototype of Earth’s first starship. Although she yearns to return to anonymity, that moment of courage propels her ever deeper into dangers that tear the scabs off her dark secrets—and thrust her into the arms of the unattainable man of her dreams.

Reese Eaglesbrood, an alien prince, yearns to restore his tattered reputation by guiding the starship project to completion, but his fascination with the unassuming heroine threatens to undermine his fragile authority. Shunning Dusty is necessary, yet unthinkable—and when the saboteurs strike again, she is his only ally against Earth’s most elusive enemies.

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  1. Poor abused Effing!

    1. Your sympathy for Effing is . . . I was going to say misguided . . . but perhaps I should say instead, appreciated.

  2. Haha! Laughing at the excerpt, not poor, traumatized Effing. That escalated quickly!

    1. IMHO, it’s acceptable to laugh at Effing.

  3. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Oh, I wonder where this snippet is going next. I have an idea. 🙂

    Poor Effing! My youngest is allergic to cats, so we’ve always tried to keep him away from those belonging to our relatives. Though I think that makes him want to see them more.

    1. I quite glad, actually, that you have an idea where all this tail pulling may lead.

    1. Especially when one in half undressed in November.

  4. Aw – I’d forgotten his lack of pants! Will she warm him up?

    1. Do you really have any doubts?

  5. That was quite an adrenaline rush they were on.
    LMAO on Effin’s reaction at the end.

    1. It’s clear Effing doesn’t understand the ‘romance’ angle of science fiction romance.

  6. Effing, you have so much to learn about the horrors we humans (and sometimes aliens) go through. LOL Best shut your eyes for the next snippet! I think Dusty’s not the only thing that’s hot right now. Nice snippet, Ed. And a great lead in!

    1. I suspect Effing will never quite understand this kind of horror, since he’s been ‘fixed.’

  7. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Poor Effing. What a trial those grandkids are for him. Our 3-year-old pushes her Great Dane out of her way…and he goes. The Lab isn’t quite as obeying.

    Great snippet, Ed. I,too, had forgotten about his lack of pants. LOL What comes next is great!

    1. Children and pets can be priceless together . . . as long as the pet realizes the child is, despite all appearances, higher in the pack’s pecking order.

  8. I love this, especially after how much they were bickering during the entire adventure. But how long will the high they’re on last?

    1. Dusty, I think, is already hoping it lasts ‘plenty long enough.’

  9. Hahaha I love this entire snippet! It’s fun and flirty and a little sexy! 😀

      1. The touching is starting to surpass flirting, Trin!

    1. Grabbing each others’ bums is only a “little” sexy, Amy? Sheesh.

  10. Haha! Great snippet. lol

    Poor Effing. I did laugh when he talked about Wesley and teaching him about his claws. That was bad of me, huh? lol

    1. Your laughter shows, perhaps, where your true sympathies lie, Teresa.

  11. What a novel excuse for a bit of buttock grabbing! 🙂 And with the high of adrenaline, who knows where this will lead?

    1. The key word there is “excuse.”

  12. Oh my, these two are moving into a whole other situation it seems! Fun snippet…

    1. As you say, they’re pivoting to a different kind of involvement very quickly.

  13. Things are about to get a whole lot hotter. 🙂

    1. That they are, Karen.

  14. Oh what a gret snippet, Ed, I too had forgottne the lack of pants! (Although methinks they’re both panting or about to pant! 🙂 ) Poor, poor Effing. Actually I think you need to read some good SF romances (Try Eds) you might understand a bit more about human ‘playfulness’ and’ tail grapbbing’!

    1. Unless I paid him to do it, I doubt Effing would bother to read anything. He’d rather eat or lie in the sun. Or maybe eat while lying in the sun.

  15. Bwahahahahaha! Love it. The timing of the dialogue is great.

    1. I’m so glad I could trigger a maniacal laugh, Karysa.

  16. elainecsc2013 · · Reply

    Loved the snippet. It was fun.

    1. Just imagine how much more fun they may yet have.

  17. Yeah, that’s pretty handsy of her! But I bet he’s cold, so maybe he appreciates the warmth, as well as the attention.

    1. He’s feeling a lot the same as Dusty is.

  18. oh-oh … is there a moment coming up ?? 🙂 Another great (and funny!) snippet.

    1. Gee, what makes you suspect that?

  19. Jennifer Reynolds · · Reply

    Yay for butt grabbing. Love the scene. 🙂

    1. Butt only consensual butt grabbing.

  20. Haha, that’s a funny turn of event. So no more danger after that bomb?

    1. Let’s just say that the tension for the next little while is of a different sort.

  21. Always a joy to read your posts, Ed. Deliciously wicked.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Charmaine.

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