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I, Effing Feline, told you last week how the song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer should actually be Ildephonse the Red-Nosed Kit Cat. Today I set the record straight about another Christmas song that fails to give cats their due. Here’s a clue to the song I’m talking about:

Photo courtesy Cattime.com

Before I disclose the name of the scurrilous song, here’s a snippet from Ed’s recent sci fi romance, Rescuing Prince Charming. Dusty has helped a guard remove his pants, which had gotten snagged as he crawled through a short tunnel while searching for a time bomb set to explode any minute.

Creeping forward, he left his slacks behind. A jagged shard of metal had snared them, an inexcusable design flaw even for a prototype. Unreasonable deadlines might literally be the death of them all.

Dusty pointed her flashlight to help him see, and was rewarded with tight buttocks in typical Kwadran underwear, resembling a thong. She turned her flashlight aside a moment later than she should have.

And then regretted it. She’d never have such a chance again — might never have a chance to do anything — so what did it matter if she peeked?

But when she looked again, the tunnel was empty. He’d reached the closet-sized room at the other end.

Effing Feline here again. Did you figure out the song that disses cats? If you did, you’re nearly as smart as a cat. Here are the real words:

Toofy the Snowcat
Was a purry, happy puss
With some snow white fur
And whiskers of straw
He was tough and not a wuss

Henceforth, you are allowed to sing only this version. I mean it! Santa Claws is watching you!

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Rescuing Prince Charming
Alien Contact for Idiots, book four

She’s no heroine. He’s no Prince Charming.

Dusty Johnson, a self-styled ordinary, everyday woman, responds with extraordinary heroism when saboteurs try to bomb the prototype of Earth’s first starship. Although she yearns to return to anonymity, that moment of courage propels her ever deeper into dangers that tear the scabs off her dark secrets—and thrust her into the arms of the unattainable man of her dreams.

Reese Eaglesbrood, an alien prince, yearns to restore his tattered reputation by guiding the starship project to completion, but his fascination with the unassuming heroine threatens to undermine his fragile authority. Shunning Dusty is necessary, yet unthinkable—and when the saboteurs strike again, she is his only ally against Earth’s most elusive enemies.



  1. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Hehe. She might get a better look outside of the tunnel. 😉

    1. Ah, but by then she’ll be too inhibited . . . at least until they dispose of the bomb they’re searching for.

  2. I agree with Jessica … she might get a better look now 🙂

    1. Except that she gets a literal ‘tunnel vision’ view that doesn’t include him at all.

  3. Leave it to Effing to rhyme “puss” and “wuss”!

    Great snow cat, btw.

    1. When I googled snowcat I was amazed at how many pictures are out there.

  4. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    Yes, no harm in looking when your life may end soon. lol

    1. When I first wrote a scene (several years ago) with a woman liking to see the opposite sex au naturale, I was unsure of myself. Was I projecting my male urges onto females? That’s a big issue for me; when I wrote for Silhouette Books, I was determined that no one be able to tell my books were written by a straight male. However, I’ve gotten quite a lot of positive feminine feedback about including visual stimulation — which just goes to prove, for the thousandth time, that we’re far more alike than we are different.

  5. Dusty better keep her mind on the current problem LOL! Interesting snippet…I hope the new book is doing well!!!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes RE: sales, Veronica.

  6. nancygideon · · Reply

    Oh, that naughty peek is going to lead to bigger, better things! If you haven’t gotten a copy, it’s a great, fun read!!

    1. Thank you, thank you thank you!

  7. In that situation, I’d sure as hell look! Even if I wasn’t about to be blown to smithereens! LOL Why can’t I live in a world where the normal male underwear is a thong? Great snippet, Ed!

    1. Fine with me, as long as what’s good for the gander is good for the goose.

  8. LOL – check out the view ahead a bit longer than she should have – love it – so subtle. Tweeted.

    1. Even in a life-and-death situation, her social training remains intact . . . until she thinks about how silly such inhibitions are.

  9. Sounds to me like Santa Claus is coming to town. Good Job!

    1. Santa Claus? No. If Effing has his way, it’ll be Santa Claws.

  10. Great imagery Ed. very inexcusable prototype. A jagged shard of metal had snared them, an inexcusable design flaw even for a prototype. #wewriwa

    1. After working in high tech industries for 25 years, I came to hate the shortcuts that tight deadlines caused.

  11. I’m glad imminent death isn’t ruining her enjoyment of the finer things. Another great snippet, Ed.

    1. The heroes body is indeed one of the finer things in life.

  12. Hahaha I like her way of thinking! 😉

    1. I gather you’re in the ‘go ahead and look’ camp.

  13. LOL! Glad she’s got a sense of priorities still 🙂

    1. Might as well enjoy your last moments.

  14. One peek is better than none!

    1. As long as the peekee is attractive. Otherwise one peek is worse than none.

  15. elainecsc2013 · · Reply

    Might as well look. If they don’t disarm the bomb this is her only chance.

    1. That seems to be the consensus among the women in the audience.

  16. Unreasonable deadlines! I love it! Great snippet, Ed!

    1. You sound like someone with personal experience of industry’s penchant for setting deadlines that are, shall we say, ‘stretch goals’.

  17. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Fun scene, even if a bomb might go off any second. Oh, yeah, Ed, We look and (sometimes) salivate. LOL Great story. Ditto what Nancy said about buying book. I loved it.

    1. Be careful about that drooling issue, Diane.

  18. Omg, that snowcat is adorable. We get snow maybe once a decade.
    Great snippet, as always.

    1. You need a LOT of snow to create something like that snowcat.

  19. Having been snowed up and had to change plans for my trip home to Wales, I just luurve the idea of a snowcat! Enjoyed the snippet as much as Dusty enjoyed the view! 🙂

  20. I read a bit about the weather in the UK. Sorry you got caught up in it.

  21. I wish I had enough snow to make a giant snowcat! A wish unlikely to come true. However, a wish to read this book? I think that one can be fulfilled!

    1. While I’m delighted with the prospect of your reading the book, if that’s the extent of your Christmas wishes I feel a tad sad for you. 😉

  22. Some opportunities shouldn’t be missed… but maybe she’ll get a second chance, if they survive!

    1. Let’s hope she gets that second chance.

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