You’re dishonest? #MFRWHooks

Welcome to the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop, Book Hooks. Writers share a short snippet of their works to entice you. Here’s another snippet from my new release, Rescuing Prince Charming.

Searching for a time bomb planted by saboteurs in a prototype starship, an alien male she’s never met got stuck in a narrow tunnel leading. Dusty Johnson, the heroine, is trying to get him unstuck.

She reached his waist, bent her fingers into claws, and pulled. He edged forward. Between the two of them, his slacks edged downward.

“Leave my underpants on, klootch.”

“I’m a respectable woman, not a klootch.” Hysterical laughter threatened to return. “This is an awkward reach, and we haven’t even been introduced.”

Although she knew all three-hundred-and-ten scientists, technicians, and support staff sequestered in this isolated cavern, his voice wasn’t familiar. This confirmed the rumor that the project was changing leaders, and if the new boss belonged to a different clan, he’d bring his own clan’s security people. That was how the aliens’ alternate Earth worked; it didn’t matter how good you were at your job, only what clan you belonged to.

This guy must be a bomb disposal expert. Who else, besides her, would be fool enough to search for a bomb set to go off in a few minutes?

Grunting, she dragged the pants down to his knees. She tried not to notice that he had great muscle tone and that his butt was wow-level firm.

“After this,” she said, panting, “you’ll have to make an honest woman of me.”

“You are dishonest?”

What do you think? Would this hook you if you browsed the book? Be sure to check out the book hooks by other great writers in the Book Hooks blog hop.

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  1. Loved the excerpt, a sexy hoot!

    1. “Sexy hoot” works for me. Thanks, Anni!

  2. LOL Love that last line. “You are dishonest?” *snort*

    1. Their conversation isn’t quite on the same wavelength.

  3. Nice bit of humor at the end.

  4. Fun. It makes me want to know the situation.

    1. That’s the purpose of snippets and hooks, to entice you into wanting to know more.

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