Countdown to Prince Charming: Day -3

It’s now just three days until the release of Rescuing Prince Charming. Today I’m sharing a short snippet from the section where the main characters have been kidnapped — and here they fight back.

Where was Reese? Where?
Footsteps thumped. A fist smacked flesh. Another gunshot, followed by the tinkling of broken glass.
She wobbled to hands and knees, determined to rescue Reese even if it cost her her life.
“Dinna shoot!” whined Sir George. The sir title must be a lie, she thought groggily. Surely no real Scottish peer would say dinna.
She struggled to her feet. Hair blocked her vision. When she pushed it aside, her hand came away drenched in blood. She hated blood, especially her own—but she ignored it. No time. She tried to assume a martial arts crouch, but her head whirled, and she slumped weakly onto a bench, instead.
It took a while to realize there were no more shouts or gunshots. The battle was over.
And the good guys had won.

Rescuing Prince Charming will be available next Monday, December 4, so you have only four more days to pre-order. Not much longer than that to save money, either. The special release price of $1.99 will last only until my father’s birthday, December 15. So order Rescuing Prince Charming now!

“I haven’t read a romance I enjoyed so much in a long time.”

— Lisabet Sarai, Beyond Romance

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