Synonyms for chaos #mfrwauthor

Before I get down to business, I’d like to wish everyone in the States a Happy Thanksgiving. My daughter has to work on Thursday, after which her family will go to the in-laws, so we’re having our feast on Friday.

And now, here’s the Marketing for Romance Writers yearlong blog hop. For  week 47, the writing prompt is:

My Writing Space

My office nook deserves the title ‘chaos’ and all the synonyms for chaos that Word can suggest:

  • Disorder
  • Confusion
  • Bedlam
  • Anarchy
  • Pandemonium
  • Disarray
  • Madness
  • Mess
  • Unruliness

Although I’m generally a moderately neat person, for some reason neatness doesn’t extend to my writing work space. Perhaps I should use Word to find synonyms for “slob,” but I’ll leave you to do that and imagine the worst.

At least I have great artwork on the wall, though my wife doesn’t necessarily think so. She doesn’t share my love of Northwest Coast Indian art.

My interest in Northwest Coast Indian art is felt in my Alien Contact for Idiots series and its soon-to-be-released fourth book, Rescuing Prince Charming. The hero is a northwest coast Indian (or First Nations person/Native American, if you prefer) from the future.

What about you?

Is your office neater than mine? Be sure to check out the working spaces of the other writers taking part in this blog hop.



  1. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Nice space. I love the artwork and the aspiring little author working with you!

    1. Wesley is frowning in this picture because he was telling his mum to go away because “We’re writing.”

      1. Cathy Brockman · ·

        Lol that’s cute

  2. You can blame Effing. One of my two cats is constantly knocking stuff off my desk, chewing on important papers, or switching my keyboard into Chinese!

    I love your artwork. Actually, I have some Pacific Northwest prints in my dining room, among my most beloved possessions, including one of Orca.

    Oh, and I hope to be posting a review of Rescuing Prince Charming on my blog next Tuesday.

    1. A fellow fan of NW coast art? You and I have a lot in common. I’m looking forward to Prince Charming’s first re view!

  3. There is some evidence that chaos in the workspace is evidence of a creativity and intelligence. I whip this fact out when folks comment on my office at work. I don’t have a writing space at home, which is the only reason that’s not equally as chaotic.

    1. I wonder, does that evidence of a creativity and intelligence come from a scientist with a messy desk?

  4. LOL….I call mine ‘organized chaos’; when I clean it, I can’t find anything! Or wail, ‘it was just right there!’

    1. Mine is ‘disorganize chaos.’ The only organization is of the geological variety: the deeper down, the older the papers are.

  5. Ed our writing spaces are probably very similar. My desk is often clutter. The Husband will try to clean things up, but then I yell at him because he might throw away something important (he has before). LOL Nowadays he’ll only remove a glass or bottle that has sat for what he feels is ‘too long’ but never touches the papers.

    1. I understand, Meka. It’s important to properly train one’s spouse.

  6. Your writing space looks wonderful. I do like the artwork. My writing space is complete chaos until I reach the point where I can’t stand it any longer. Then I take a stab at order and organization–at least until I can work again, and of I go 🙂 It may be in the blood for those of us writers.

    1. There’s an old Russian, spelled sort of like ‘byut, that captures a much-needed concept of “all the little trivial things that clutter up one’s life.” You know, like organizing one’s desk.

      I hate byut.

  7. I’m in the chaos camp also!

    1. Then we have much (clutter) in common!

  8. Can’t work in chaos, but I’m glad to know you can! Thanks for sharing, Ed

    1. Writing routines vary so wildly, don’t they? When I started writing, all four children were still at home in a house not really big enough. If I hadn’t been able to tolerate interruptions and mess, I wouldn’t have managed to become a writer.

  9. I’m immersed in chaos, too, but I know right where everything is. (Love the artwork!).

    1. I figure that being able to find everything is more important than neatness. Only problem is . . . I often can’t find things!

  10. My writing space loves to morph into chaos and then I have to reign it in. I think it’s the creative mind wanting to purge. Love your cutie writing assistant there!

    1. Yeah, that’s similar to my cycle. Sometimes it’s better and sometimes not better.

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