Rescuing Prince Charming cover #mfrwbookbooks

Welcome to the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop, Book Hooks. Writers share a short snippet of their works to entice you.

I’m highlight Rescuing Prince Charming, a science fiction romance releasing December 4 and available now for pre-order. Three weeks I gave you the back-cover blurb, and two weeks ago you got the opening of the book. Today, I’m proud to present the front cover, which was revealed just yesterday and is rerevealed here.

Since this is book 4 set in the Alien Contact for Idiots “universe” the cover shares the sun rising over the Earth image with the other books. The Earth is overlain by a small piece of northwest coast Indian art — in this case, an eagle. This is appropriate because the hero is a northwest coast Indian (or First Nations person/Native American, if you prefer) — from the future.

Danielle Fine, my editor and cover artist, did her usual excellent job. Thanks, Dani!

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  1. Love that cover! Favorite colors of mine.

    1. Dani did a good job with the cover.

  2. Lisa Lowe · · Reply

    I am excited about your new book. I look forward to reading it. The cover is beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa!

  3. Nice Cover. Good luck with pre-sales

  4. So far, pre-sales are slow but steady. They’re nearly tied for my best pre-sales, which means they have two weeks to reach number 1. However, even number 1 will be pretty pathetic compared to many people’s.

  5. Great cover. Dec 4 is getting close. Tweeted.

    1. Frankly, I can’t wait for December 4, and maybe not for the reasons you’d think. My life sort of is revolving around marketing, formatting, and social media-ing in preparation for the release (and secondarily for a pair of orchestra concerts, including a short tour of an Indian Reservation). I want my life back!

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