Tooting, but neither oboe nor London #mfrwauthor

Once again, here’s the Marketing for Romance Writers yearlong blog hop. For  week 46, the writing prompt is:

Let Me Brag for a Minute

This is a dangerous topic! My ego is, shall we say, well developed, and I’m somewhat prone to tooting my own horn. Of course, that’s only natural for an oboist, right? Whose oboe am I going to toot, if not my own?

But like Miss Bates on Box Hill, who was restricted to only three silly statements, I’m restricted to only one minute.

(Incidentally, one of my sons briefly lived in Tooting. It’s a district in south London, near Wimbledon. This post has absolutely nothing to do with that.)

My unfortunately titled novel, Escapee, was the first runner up in InD’Tale Magazine’s RONE competition this year. I say ‘unfortunately titled’ because while the title fits the story, it doesn’t do anything to indicate that the book is a romance with science fiction elements. The RONE was a bigger deal than I expected, with a fancy ceremony featuring, evening dress, live music, and refreshments. The magazine’s editor TJ McKay, said they want the award to be the Academy Awards of Indie authors — and it shows.

Escapee is a retelling of the movie The African Queen, but set on an inhospitable moon that’s been invaded because of its mineral wealth. Instead of a small boat traveling down a river, the Escapee is an airship (i.e., dirigible) run by crusty Catt Sayer, who is herself an escapee from minor crimes on her home planet. She rescues uptight army captain Hector Dukelsky after the invasion, only to find that he wants her to undertake a suicidal voyage across the moon to attack the enemy’s headquarters.

I think (hope) that anyone who like The African Queen could enjoy Escapee.

By the way, I learned my lesson about a title that sells the story. Rescuing Prince Charming, available now for pre-order, has a much more romancy title, don’t you think? My wife says it’s her favorite of all my books. And that, frankly, means more to me than the RONE award.

What about you?

You have one minute to brag in a comment. Then check out the other writers taking part in this blog hop.



  1. Congrats on being first runner up – that’s awesome! Your new book sounds interesting, maybe it will be next year’s winner. 🙂

  2. Congrats Ed! That is a great accomplishment. And titles are so hard! Those and the blurbs I think may actually be harder than writing the book. LOL

    Aww what a great compliment from your wife. Good luck with the pre-orders.

    1. I don’t dread blurbs as much as I used to now that I write them first, as sort of a mini outline. Titles, though . . . ugh.

  3. Congrats! Your book sounds intriguing. I loved The African Queen. And titles … (bangs head on desk) … Ugh!

    1. The movie always struck me as special. It has something for everyone: romance, adventure, war, exotic travel.

  4. I hate titles. I feel like I should default to sticking a “Duke” in the title, and then I remember, there’s no Duke in the book.
    Congrats on your RONE honorable mention. Hope to see you at the awards next year!

    1. Clearly, Alina, you need to stick a Duke in all your books. Solving this dilemma was so easy I’m surprised you didn’t think of it.

  5. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Great post. You have great things to be proud of

    1. There are definitely downers in my life, too, but I try not to dwell on them. And sometimes I even succeed.

  6. Being named first runner up is an accomplishment! Congrats!
    As The African Queen is a favorite, I will have to read this!
    Your blogs are always entertaining!

    1. One thing I should warn you about before you buy the book: Effing Feline does not appear at all.

  7. Awesome news about the First Runner-Up! Terrific reason to brag, Ed! Thanks for sharing.

    1. In thinking about it further, maybe I should’ve bragged about losing 55 pounds and keeping it off for 15 years; that’s been just as hard as writing. But no . . . this is, after all, a marketing group’s blog, so the award it is.

  8. Wow that is wonderful news and very worthy of bragging about, congrats! I love the title Rescuing Prince Charming. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Maureen. I like that title, too.

  9. Congratulations, Ed! Great concept for a story, though I guess I can agree about the title. But then, it’s natural since the original movie (an all time favorite of mine) was named after the boat.

    1. The title African Queen at least clues you in to the setting. Escapee, though, hints at a chase story, which this isn’t.

  10. Will definitely have to order Escapee! It’s been years since I watched African Queen, so might have to do that too. Mega congrats on the RONE award!

    1. Your my new most favorite person in the world, at least until someone else buys the book!

  11. Congrats on the award. That is wonderful recognition. I’m heading over to Amazon to buy it, because I believe in SF Rom.

    1. Poor Kenzie. After just a few hours, she’s been displaced as my favoritest person in the world. Thanks Shari!

  12. Brag away, Ed. A big congratulations on your book being the first runner-up for the RONE competition. That really is a big deal.

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