A Day that Changed My Life #mfrwauthor

Once again, here’s the Marketing for Romance Writers yearlong blog hop. For  week 45, the writing prompt is:

An Unforgettable Day in My Life

Uh . . . Well . . .  I’m sure there are hundreds of unforgettable days in my life. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten them.

Well, then, pick any old day, silly!

Effing Feline

Hey, it’s Effing Feline, my electronic alter ego who writes a weekly column on my blog. Welcome, Effing!

You’re stalling, pet-human-of-mine. Pick a day!

Okay, how about the day I met the love of my life? I was a senior in high school, and I’d been going with R on and off for a year or so. That fall, toward the beginning of the school year, R wanted me to go on a hay ride with her church group.

What’s with this “R” junk? I know you’re an old fart, but surely you remember her name!

Of course I do, Effing. Names changed to protect the innocent, okay? Anyway, we needed a car ride to the hay ride, and in the olden days, high schoolers didn’t own cars or get to borrow the family wheels for mere dates. I didn’t even have a driver’s licence. Luckily, a friend of R’s was going to the hay ride and her mother volunteered to drive us.

No driver’s licence? What a loser!

Hey, I was only 16; I was tall, though, so folks didn’t know I was young for my age. Anyway, with the mother as chaperone, R and I double-dated with her friend Judi, and Judi’s boyfriend (whose name also begins with R, but I won’t confuse you by calling him that). I forget the exact moment it happened, but I came away from the hay ride awed by Judi. She was way hotter than my date. It was lust at first sight.

So you dumped R? Insensitive schmuck!

‘Dumped’ is such a negative term. I’ll have you know that I still correspond via e-mail with R, decades later; we’re friends even though we haven’t seen each other in years. Let’s just say that my awareness was raised to the existence of other, more decorative species of fish in the sea. To return to my story — by chance or Destiny, we moved across town shortly thereafter and guess who lived nearby?

Gee, let me guess. Carl Jung, the inventor of the term ‘synchronicity?’

If he did, I was unaware of him. By then Judi’s boyfriend had conveniently vanished —

Had him done away with, eh? And you admit it? I’m calling the cops!

I hope other members of my audience aren’t as sarcastic as you. Anyway, Judi was available. I was interested. We dated, and I was head over heels. Judi was all I could think about. And she . . . well, she told her best friend that nothing would come of those early dates. We were too different.

The girl’s instincts were sound!

Shut up, Effing. Let’s just say I convinced her otherwise, convinced her to marry me, and we’re still happily married. And that, folks, is probably why I can write romance even though I’m a guy.

So if Judi had refused to date you, you wouldn’t have written 17 books worth of drivel? You’ve inspired me to invent a time machine to go back and break you up!

Everybody’s a critic. Especially cats.

What about you?

What day is memorable to you? Tell us about it in a comment and then check out the other writers taking part in this blog hop.

Ed’s next book of drivel, Rescuing Prince Charming will be released December 4. You can already pre-order it.
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  1. The love of my life … I met her at a “welcome to graduate school” party. Over a beer, at the keg, she told me about controlling cockroaches in the town where our school was – I didn’t understand her accent – the English word was boracic acid (boric acid) but I heard Prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide). Not a woman to be messed with. Two years later, we were married.

    By the way, in my dorm, I trapped the endemic mice (catch and release). The roach population exploded – so I stopped trapping the mice. We’d rather have rodents than bugs.

    1. You, sir, have the soul of a scientist rather than a romantic!

  2. Sherry Lewis · · Reply

    Great story. I guess I probably shouldn’t admit that my thoughts ran along the same lines as Effing Feline’s when Judi’s previous boyfriend left the picture, should I?

    1. Such suspicious minds people (and cats) have! He was out of the picture by the time my family moved near her.

  3. You have a brilliant cat, Ed. Mine only talks when he’s hungry, and only about food.

    1. Brilliant . . . perhaps. But grouchy.

  4. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    That was a fun post. It’s cool how y’all met. And are still together

    1. I’ve had my share of tragedies and disappointments, but overall it’s been a darned good life.

  5. I’d say you have a great inspiration for writing romance, Ed. Even with a sarcastic cat. No offense, Effing Feline.

    1. Effing took no offense. He wears his sarcasm as a badge of honor.

  6. Thank you for making me laugh when I needed to most, Ed! Effing is starting to grow on me, too.

    1. Yeah, he grows on you . . . like germs. (Sorry, Effing. You know I love you!)

  7. Hilarious post, Ed!

    I met my DH in a time-honored method – at a professional conference. He gave me a lift back to my home town, a three hour drive. Lots of time to get to talk. Then we went out to dinner at a Burmese restaurant, where he proceeded (with my encouragement) to tell me all about his adventures traveling around the world. I ate up every word. At the end of the meal he gave me a soulful look and commented, “I’m always looking for someone to travel with.”

    Thirty seven years later, here we are, living in SE Asia!

  8. That’s quite a story, LIsbet — and quite a location for the story!

  9. Great story on so many levels, how you met, how you convinced her, and that you are still together.

    1. And that great story is still ongoing!

  10. What a fun post Ed! Loved Effing’s commentary along the way. He and I were thinking the same with with the vanishing boyfriend. hahahaha

    1. What a suspicious person you! Thinking like Effing says nothing nice about you, you know. 😉

  11. Great story (Effing has such a snarky personality)! You and Judi can attest that opposites attract. I am concerned, though, that you are still in touch with R, but have nothing to say about Judi’s former boyfriend. Maybe Effing’s suspicions are correct…? 🙂

    1. Yet another suspicious person. Doesn’t anyone out there trust me? (sob)

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