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Once again, here’s the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop. For  week 41, the writing prompt is:

My Blogging Inspiration

This topic leaves me scratching my head, uncertain what is meant. But hey, it’s not a school essay assignment, so I’m just going to write about any darned thing that happens to inspire me to blog. I can think of three things off the top of my head.

#1 – My books

As in, ‘wanting to sell them.’ Social media are de rigueur for writers these days, which is the only reason I started a blog. Rather to my surprise, though, I enjoy the writing and especially the people I’ve met online.

#2 – My virtual cat

One of the main reasons I enjoy blogging is that every Sunday I turn the blog over to Effing Feline. His full name is Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, and he hosts my Weekend Writing Warrior bog hop posts.

Effing is my irascible, misanthropic alter ego — and he’s more popular than I am. Does that mean I should stop trying to be a nice guy? Anyway, here’s a sample of his work.

If you want to put your name out to a different audience and get to know more writers of all genres, here’s an open invitation to join the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop. All it takes is 8 to 10 sentences from a WIP or finished work.

#3 – My weekend

My Escapee is a finalist for the RONE contest, awarded this Saturday.

I’m currently in Burbank, California at the InD’Scribe conference for readers and writers. So far, it’s fun. There was a ‘medieval ball’ this evening, which basically meant wear any costume you like. I was disguised as an author of science fiction romance; I put a lot of thought into that costume.

This blog hop’s Alina Fields will be at the conference as well, selling books on Saturday. I’ll see if I can get a picture of the two of us together.

What about you?

What’s your inspiration for blogging? Check out the things that inspire other writers taking part in this blog hop.

Shameless self-promotion

The African Queen in Outer Space

escapee smaller

Edward Hoornaert’s romantic space opera, Escapee, continues the saga of the Dukelsky family (begun in The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station). If you like The African Queen and the thrill of underdogs finding love while battling a hostile world, you’ll love Escapee.



  1. Fun Ed! I did the WWW blog hop a few years ago, but when my will to write died out, I stopped. I should join back up if for no other reason than to meet Effing Feline. hahaha

    Enjoy the conference.

    1. Maybe engaging with many other writers could help rekindle your will to write. You keep up with this hop, after all, so there must be some embers somewhere.

  2. Effing Feline is brilliant! And I’m going to track you down today for that picture, Ed!

    1. Effing is brilliant? That’s not the one-word description that leaps to my mind. Curmudgeony, perhaps.

  3. Hi Ed, your costume must have been the most delightful in the pack. See you soon.

    1. This is just out and out flattery, Charmaine. Tell me more!

  4. Sherry Lewis · · Reply

    i’d really love to see a picture of you in that costume! I’ll have to check out the Weekend Writing Warriors bloghop. That might be kind of fun 🙂

    1. It seems my ‘costume’ idea has roused interest, but really, I’m an author of science fiction romance in everyday life, so I just wore my everyday clothes. Nothing special, gang.

  5. Waiting on that picture – enjoy the conference! I’m heading to the WWW bloghop now, thanks for the invite.

    1. I’ve met with Alina — she’s just as nice in person as online — and we’ll probably get a picture sometime tomorrow, which is when the book signing takes place. Unless of course I’m kept busy signing for four hours straight. Which ain’t gonna happen.

  6. Wonderful! Always a pleasure reading your posts! Great costume idea! Are you going to share about the conference? I may have taken you up on the offer to do the snippet Sunday share. What can I say, you appeased the ADD gods. Best of luck at the conference – wishing you many sales!

    1. I’m going to share about the conference as long as I have time and energy to do so. These things tend to be kind of exhausting.

  7. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    I love your Effing Feline! Good luck this Saturday! I hope you do get pictures of you and Alina!

    1. As I said, Effing is more popular than I am. You’ve just proved it!

  8. An invisible cat is definitely an endless source of inspiration. 🙂

    1. Visible ones even more so.

  9. We definitely need a picture of that costume, Ed!

    1. “Thanks for stopping by,” he said non-commitally.

  10. It sounds like you’re having fun at the conference. You know while you’re away the cat… LOL. You know the rest. Love the Virtual cat inspiration for your Sunday posts. I’m looking forward to a picture of you and Alina together.

    1. No, no, Mary. It’s while the CAT’S away. Mice get to play, not Effing.

  11. lol It cracks me up that you have an alter-blog ego named Effing cat. He could terrorize Scruff, lol. Great post!

    1. If you knew me, it not come as such a surprise.

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