A bomb eager to remove her appendix #mfrwbookhooks

Welcome to the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop, Book Hooks. Writers share a short snippet of their works to entice you.

Rescuing Prince Charming is a science fiction romance that will be available for pre-order soon.  The MS was a finalist in the Land of Enchantment RWA’s Rebecca contest — which I hope bodes well for sales.

In this hook the American heroine and alien hero, strangers to each other, have found a time bomb planted by saboteurs in Earth’s first starship, under construction with the help of alien Kwadrans. How’s that for starting a relationship off with a bang?

They’re now racing against time to get rid of the bomb before it explodes.

Behind her, the Kwadran’s footsteps banged down the starship’s metal ramp. “Where are you heading?”

He wasn’t even breathing hard. Dusty wanted to kiss him for his bravery and his conditioning. “Terrace,” she said. From there, she could throw the bomb into the ocean. She ran toward the only natural light in the huge cavern, where a pair of sliding glass doors led to a patio overlooking a fiord. “Time?”

“Seventy-eight seconds.”

Oh, God. It was still a long way to the doors. She tried to be a heroine and what did she get? A ticking time bomb eager to remove her appendix.

On the bright side, she couldn’t have asked for a sexier, more valiant companion on that long tunnel into the light. Rattled by fear, she’d called him arrogant, a jerk, and an idiot, but he was none of those. Well, maybe arrogant; he was, after all, Kwadran.

“Open…the door,” she panted.

He grunted with the effort of speeding up to pass her. His buttocks flexed with each step. When he reached the sliding doors, he yanked the handle.

Nothing happened. Except, of course, that a few more seconds ticked off the bomb’s timer. And her life.

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Rescuing Prince Charming will be the fourth book set in the Alien Contact for Idiots world. Here are the others:



  1. A very tense situation. Kept me on edge.

    1. They say to start in the midst of the action.

  2. Nice pacing! I like that she still takes time to admire the hero’s bod as he races past her. LOL

    1. At tense moments like this, people tend to get tunnel vision, so it wouldn’t be realistic for her to notice the ceiling or think about lunch, but because he’s racing with her to help get rid of the bomb — and because he isn’t wearing pants — I figured she should notice him.

  3. Great clip! I can see lots of sparks flying between these two, and not just from the bombs.

    Love the title, too.

    1. I have a LOT of trouble with titles, but I have to admit that I like this one. Back when I wrote for Silhouette they always changed my titles, even the good ones, so for my last book with them I spent no time on a title, just stuck on a vague, meaningless phrase: “Step from a Dream.” Guess what? That was the one title they kept!

      1. That doesn’t surprise me! I’ve been writing for Harlequin and have experienced the same thing. When they’re trying to schedule X number of books the same month, sometimes it’s a challenge to make sure buzzwords don’t repeat. I’d guess a title that’s a little bit different is refreshing. I’m probably 50/50 on ones of mine they’ve kept or taken from my list of alternatives vs. those they’ve changed.

  4. I love lots of action and this excerpt provided that. When she went through all the names she had called him, I laughed out loud. Great title too!

    1. She’s been so upset by this brush with death that she forgot to censor her words. Don’t worry, though. She’ll make it up to him very soon.

  5. She’s got a bomb – she’s worried about her appendix being blown up and yet she notices his gluteus maximus is flexing – lol – love it.

    1. Hey, she only notices the important things.

  6. Interesting premise and I liked the excerpt. Beverley

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

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