You’re ordering me to strip you? #mfrwHooks

Welcome to the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop, Book Hooks. Writers share a short snippet of their works to entice you.

On Sunday I shipped my latest messterpiece off to the editor. To celebrate, here’s a snippet from page two of Rescuing Prince Charming, a science fiction romance that’ll be available late this year, hopefully.

Heroine and hero are searching for a time bomb planted by saboteurs in the guts of a starship, which is under construction with the help of alien Kwadrans.

. . . unexpectedly large equipment had turned a passage into a tunnel just big enough to crawl through. The tunnel led to a closet-sized opening walled with massive wire harnesses. That was where she [i.e. Dusty] would plant a bomb, if she were a saboteur.

She rounded a bank of gauges and saw the tunnel. But a man — or rather, a man’s legs — filled it like a cork in a champagne bottle. Apparently one guard valued duty over death.

Her legs wobbled with relief. “Am I ever glad to see you!”

The tunnel muffled a baritone yelp of surprise. Then: “Take my pants off.”

Dusty blinked. “As pickup lines go, that one’s really horrible.”

“An American female,” the guard groaned. “Spirits save me.”

“A Kwadran male with an attitude problem. God save me.”

“My pants are caught on something and I can’t reach back to remove them. Pull them down, and hurry. That’s an order.”

“You’re ordering me to strip you?”

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I don’t have a cover or release date (yet), but Rescuing Prince Charming will be the fourth book set in the Alien Contact for Idiots world. Here are the others:



  1. Aliens, saboteurs, bombs, sexy times – and humor? You have quite a lot happening!

    1. This is perhaps my favorite meet-cute.

  2. The first line about big equipment got me chuckling, long before I reached the punchline!

    1. Up till this point, the MS has been pretty tense, with Dusty afraid she’s going to get blown up, so this moment lightens the mood.

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