Welcoming the air (and noise) #mfrwauthor

Time once again for the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop. For week 34, the writing prompt is:

Open Doors or Closed Doors

I have no choice. My “office” is a doorless section of the . . . I guess you’d call it the dining room or family room.  The house is old, and additions have rendered it rather non-standard in layout.

Because there’s no door, the 3.5-year-old grandson can and does wander in when the urge strikes him. Sometimes he brings his “computer” (an old keyboard) and sits beside me to write. He’s frowning in this picture because he was scolding his mum for interrupting since “we’re writing.” I guess he’s heard that phrase more than once.

Because there’s no door, I block noise with music. Vocal music distracts me, so it has to be instrumental, and given my proclivities, it has to be classical. Haydn is perhaps my best writing music. He’s lively, cheerful, and he doesn’t demand that I focus on him, if you know what I mean.

Because there’s no door, I’m used to writing with distractions. Life is much quieter now, but I started writing when all four of my children lived at home. Go ahead, imagine chaos. Nowadays my favorite out-of-the-house place to write is Wilmot Library, which has ten or so tables with electrical plugs — and neither doors nor walls.

What about you?

Where do you write?  And where would you like to write, which is of course a different question?

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  1. Sherry Lewis · · Reply

    Love the picture! My granddaughter, who used to write like your grandson, is now 10 and writing actual stories all the time. Maybe your grandson will carry on as he gets older. I’m definitely a classical music lover, too. Best writing music ever. Haydn is great, and I also enjoy Vivaldi and Respighi, depending on the story I’m writing.

    1. It’s great that you’ve passed along your interest in writing to your daughter. None of my four children are particularly creative, although son #2 has had some non-fiction articles published.

  2. I love the quiet of my newly decorated office , a gift from my daughter. No cats, no litter, just my collection of books, a desk with a new story in place.

    1. It sounds like a great haven in which to let your creativity fly.

  3. I started writing when my girls were little. I’ve never had an office so I’ve had to adapt to the noise. Even now I often have the tv on for background noise or on Youtube with a playlist for some sort of noise. Great picture!

    1. When I’m deeply engrossed in what I’m working on, I wouldn’t notice an earthquake.

  4. I love that picture! You have a budding writer there. What a great example you are for him.

    1. Wesley a neat kid. While the chances of him becoming a writer are remote, he’s at least been exposed to the possibility

  5. I like to write to instrumental music, too, mostly movie soundtracks, though lately I’ve had Bach playing in the background. Is that too geeky of me?

    Your grandson is adorable. That’s what I call an acceptable distraction.

    1. Too geeky? Please, you’re asking a geek who plays the oboe of all things. Only the bassoon is less cool that the oboe.

  6. Ed sounds like we have similar writing spaces. I understand the noise since all (well 3) of my kids are still live at home age. Not to mention the dogs, Loki likes to bark at random times, like when the wind blows, or a leaf drops, or…well you get the picture. Music and my new wonderful headphones help.

    1. With all that barking, it sounds like Loki isn’t a low key dog. (insert groan here)

  7. That’s awesome that your grandson likes to “write” with you. Love the photo!

    1. At last year’s RWA nationals, I picked up a small swag notebook around 2″ by 4″ with a shiny cover and a pen attached. Wesley saw that on my desk and admired it and finally got the nerve to ask if he could have it. He still has it. His scribbles look like his pictures, so I admired them. He said, indignantly, that they were stories, not pictures. Oops, grandpa goofed!

  8. What a sweet grandson. A future author? I write at my desk in my living room, but no one else is here. If the walls in here could talk. I used to listen to music with lyrics or instrumental with headphones/ear buds while writing, but I can’t anymore. Having it low in the background works sometimes. Lately, I have had a white noise machine running to drown out my neighbor’s dog. Honestly, it’s distracting but better then the yelping and whining. I love dogs, but after eleven months of this, my stress level can’t take it.

    1. A future author? His macho dad might have a fit if Wesley followed in my ‘artistic’ footsteps.

  9. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    your grandsons adorable!

    1. If you tell him he’s cute, he’s “I know” in a slightly bored way as if to say “Why are you bothering to mention this?”

  10. LOVE that picture! So happy you’re encouraging a budding writer:)

    Yeah, my current writing space is in the center of my house, the dining room. I used to write to whatever musical CD I was listening to, or even the radio, but ten years ago learned to write with Dora The Explorer or Bob the Builder in the background, These days, I write with Fox News or Big Brother After Dark on the telly, courtesy of my spouse. If I do get that glorious hour when I’m by myself, I pull up a song list on YouTube.

    1. Barbara Kingsolver wrote her first book in a closet after she got the children to bed. It was the only place she had sufficient privacy. The lesson here is, if you gotta write, you can do it anywhere.

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