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Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior / Sunday Snippet posts on Mr. V’s behalf. Click the pic for info.

I, Effing Feline, told you that the neighbors have a new kitten. A so-called cute kitten, though in truth she’s as ugly as a puppy.  Yesterday, Mrs V made things worse. When the kitten jumped onto the wall separating the yard, she took her cellphone outside to take pictures of the kitten.

This means war, little kitty.

Today, the final snippet from Secrets of Love and War. My pet human finished the first draft this week and wants a little break.

In previous snippets, we saw Cynthia help Riksid doctors deal with their violent patient, a captured human bomber pilot. As a result the alien family that adopted her assigned her to nurse the fallen pilot. Ever since Cynthia was raped at thirteen by humans and then adopted by Riksids, she’s had nothing to do with human males, so her first day as nurse promises to be a harrowing experience for her.

Number two on her list the doctors had given her: bathe the enemy daily. She froze. For a few heartbeats she was thirteen again, and afraid.

But she wasn’t thirteen and the enemy was doped to unconsciousness. She gathered supplies as indicated in her instructions and approached the bed. He didn’t stir as she pulled the sheet down to his waist, and he remained unconscious while she washed and dried his torso.

She stood there for long minutes, her heart pounding, as she reacquainted herself with the male of her species. He was more alien to her than any Riksid: too fleshy, too pale, and far too muscular — but his face was strangely . . . pleasing.

As she reached for the sheet covering his lower half, the direction of her thoughts made her mouth go dry.

Effing Feline here again. I’m hoping one of you can help me. I need to know how to delete kitten pictures from a cellphone.

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  1. Poor kid.

    I hope she has a cute kitten to cuddle when she gets off work.

    1. She has a dog, a German Shepherd named Killer, not a kitten. Effing does not approve.

  2. Nice paragraph showing her concern as well as her interest. Liked it.

    1. She has some major concerns to get over, and they all involve the ‘wound’ that is the memory of her rape, during which her father died trying to save her. But it’s been 18 years; maybe she’s ready to move on?

  3. I love this snippet, so touching in every way. You are the one who brings charm and laughter to your stories.

    1. Considering the direction of her thoughts, your description of the snippet as ‘touching’ is very appropriate.

  4. Enjoyed the snippet, I can understand her hesitancy and also her conflicting feelings at this moment. By the way, that little kitty sounds cute, Effing, you should get over being jealous and take her under your wing (paw). You might find yourself pleasantly surprised!

    1. Your suggestion for Effing is reasonable and positive. Perhaps too reasonable and positive for him.

  5. Effing, take the kitten under your wing. Humans always love that. You’d get your picture taken quite a lot that way.

    Love how she’s making herself get past the memory of the rape by agreeing to bathe the pilot. Now the next step in the bath may be a bit more traumatic. Please let us know when this releases!

    1. Thanks, Jenna. It’s tricky for me to show a woman finally overcoming the horror of being raped as a child. Well, it’d be tricky for anyone, I think, but especially for a guy.

  6. A sneaky thread of interest there – like a cat toying with her emotions.

    1. I like this way of describing the situation.

  7. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Probably a good thing he was unconscious. Made her job that much easier.

    And poor Effing. Maybe Ed will help you delete those pictures. Or maybe you can put the cell phone into some water? 😉

    1. Ahem. You’re really suggesting that my wife’s cellphone get drowned? Exactly where, Jessica, can we send you the bill for a new iPhone?

  8. kimmydonn · · Reply

    Congrats on finishing the draft. I hope you find justice Effing.

    1. Effing doesn’t want justice, he wants everything to go his way. Big difference!

  9. I wonder what were the thoughts that made her mouth go dry?

    Effing, you stay grumpy. Everybody fusses over pretty little kittens. It’s not fair, is it?

    1. That’s something I want readers to wonder about, although the passage that follows gives some options. She’s torn between contemplating revenge against the males of the species, reverting to a pre-rape 12-year-old curious about male anatomy, or simply doing her job as a nurse dispassionately.

  10. Great snippet. I wonder about the direction of her thoughts and if that will trigger any unpleasant traumas.

    1. She’s definitely faced with a fraught decision.

  11. Definitely a challenge for her, well written. Terrific snippet, felt the emotions.

    1. I’m glad the emotions come through, because this is a huge moment for her, with the possibility to become a turning point.

  12. She’s really brave, facing her fears like that. And sorry, Effing, I don’t know how to delete cuteness. 😉

    1. She’s on the cusp of facing her nightmares. Let’s hope she chooses to take a positive route forward.

  13. nancygideon · · Reply

    Having just acquired a new kitty, my two adults cat are sympathetic to Effing’s plight. Love this scene, Ed. Such quiet courage and determination.

    1. Are your adult cats trying to convince the new kitty that she’s on the bottom of the pack?

  14. Sue Bar · · Reply

    For a few heartbeats she was thirteen again, and afraid.
    Until you’ve gone through something like this you don’t realize how close to the truth that statement is. Well done, Ed.

    1. This in a nutshell is the magic of being a writer. Although I haven’t gone through anything like this, I can imagine what it might be like.

  15. Sounds like maybe her body is ready to move on even her heart isn’t quite convinced. “Revealing” snippet this week.

    1. This is pretty much exactly what I want readers to think. Thanks for sharing, Alexis!

  16. Now that’s hot 🙂 she’s ready to move on, I’m thinking —

    1. Sort of, but some struggles remain — and he is, after all, the enemy pilot who bombed her city.

  17. Andrea R Huelsenbeck · · Reply

    Come on, guys, she was raped when she was thirteen. She wants nothing to do with a male. I agree with Sue–Ed did a great job of showing Cynthia’s anxiety.

    1. You’re right, Andrea — she’s spent 18 years having nothing to do with males. The question quivering in her mind is whether she’s finally ready to try to move on.

  18. She might not be ready but fate, by dumping a human male in her lap, seems to have other plans for her. Hope this turns out to be a healing experience for both of them.

    1. It’s at least a chance for her to heal, if she’ll seize the opportunity.

  19. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    She must be scared. Her only experience with a man has been horrifying. I hope things will change for the better for her. Great scene in showing her apprehension, but also showing how she was also curious. At the moment, he’s at her mercy.

    1. You’re right — he’s at her mercy. And that is his saving grace.

  20. elainecsc2013 · · Reply

    She’s brave to face er fears this way.

    1. Yes, she is. And all it took was eighteen years for her to gather her courage!

  21. Those memories and the strangeness of being near a human male have got to be quite difficult. But she’s strong enough to pull through. Good for her!

    Good luck with that interloper, Effing!

    1. Bit by bit, she’s reacquainting herself with her own species.

      1. We are pretty weird and squishy, aren’t we?

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