As sure as strawberry poutine #MWTease

Welcome to the Midweek Tease blog hop, courtesy of Angelica Dawson.  Writers post teasers about their newest release, or their work-in-progress, or their backlist.

I’m posting another tease from my near-future romance, Newborn. Jo Beaverpaw has been programmed to assassinate her alien world’s most wanted fugitive. After an accidental fall, she wakes up in hospital, where’s she guarded by Darby Lapierre, her target’s bodyguard — and thus her enemy.  Because Jo was born to kill, not love, her programming tells her little about everyday life.  Here she seeks Darby’s help learning about the world.

“Will you teach me about the world?” I repeated. If he agreed to help me, he’d do it for his own reasons. Perhaps to learn how to stop me. Or maybe — probably not, but maybe — because he liked me a little. At the moment I didn’t care why, so long as he said yes. His hand rested on the bedside table; I pulled my arm from under the covers and covered it with my own. “Please?”

He stared at our joined hands and then pulled his away. “No funny business, eh?”

“I don’t know any jokes.”

He laughed as though I’d just made one. “I’m sure as strawberry poutine not the best person for the job, but . . . okay. I’ll try to teach you the ways of my world, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my other duties.”

His duties. Guilt slithered over me. My duty was to kill Squitt. His was to keep me from killing Squitt.  Awareness of my Destiny made me close my eyes and shudder.

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She was born to kill. Not love.

Jo Beaverpaw is born fully dressed, well-armed, and impatient to tackle her Destiny: killing her alien nation’s most wanted fugitive. Her programmers want her to live a few hours, kill, then die.

But something goes wrong.

Darby Lapierre has the thankless task of protecting Jo’s target while the woman heals from being shot. It’s a hard job, but not impossible for a tough ex-cop like Darby.

Until, that is, Jo shows up at the private hospital after an accident. Beautiful, naive, young Jo knows nothing about life and love, and wants Darby to teach her. Just until she’s well enough to attack her Destiny, of course.

And then Darby will be in her way . . . .



  1. And the plot thickens. Love it!

    1. Correction: as the strawberry poutine thickens.

    1. Thanks, Doris.

  2. Okay, I’m a Canadian and I have tried a lot of types of poutine, but Strawberry? I have to hope that comes with cream instead of gravy. :p

    1. Darby is Canadian too; the book is set on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The fact that strawberry poutine doesn’t exist emphasizes his point that there’s no possible chance he’s the best person to teach her about life.

      BTW, strawberry poutine sounds AWFUL.

  3. Intriguing stuff – well done!

  4. Their paths are crossed, and not in a good way!! Can’t wait to see where this is going 🙂

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