You’re a Hitman? #MWTEASE

Welcome to the Midweek Tease blog hop, courtesy of Angelica Dawson.  Writers post teasers about their newest release, or their work-in-progress, or their backlist.

I’m posting again from my near-future romance, Newborn. In previous teases, you’ve met Jo Beaverpaw, who’s been programmed to assassinate her alien world’s most wanted fugitive. After an accidental fall, she wakes up in hospital, where’s she guarded by Darby Lapierre, her target’s bodyguard. Because Jo was born to kill, not love, her programming tells her little about everyday life.

Today’s tease follows two previous teases that ended like so:

  1. As Darby reached me, my hospital gown fluttered to the carpet.
  2. I would’ve fallen to the floor if he hadn’t put his arms around me.  I gasped. Arousal. Darby’s touch aroused me.

Here’s Jo, with her hospital gown on the floor and only Darby nearby:

“Help me,” I said. “Please.”

“You want to go back to your room? Sure, let’s get you up.”

Pointedly not looking at me, Darby touched my elbow and tried to help me stand. My limbs shrieked a protest. I winced. He grabbed my other elbow, but still I remained in a crouch.

Wasting no more time, he put one arm behind my back, the other under my knees, and lifted me as though my weight was nothing. My breast flattened against his shirt, and that simple contact surprised me with unexpected pleasure. I draped my unbroken arm around his neck as he carried me back to my room.

My head was close to his. Stubble darkened his cheeks like the stumps of a clear-cut forest. His chin and jawbone bore three white scars where his beard didn’t grow. Wondering how he’d gotten them, I imagined a heroic fist fight.

With the gentle care of the mother I would never have, he sat me on the bed and pulled a sheet over me. I hunched my shoulders, trying to hide my hideous body.

“I’ll get Dr. Hentzle for you.”


“But you need help. You’re in pain.”

“The pain of humiliation,” I said in a tiny voice. “I’ll press the call button if I need the doctor.”

“Well, if you’re sure…” He paused, then turned to go.

“Am I so hideous, then?” I asked in a miserable whisper. More sobs shook my body.

His back to me, he stopped. He stood there so long I thought he wasn’t going to answer. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Your face, your body…” He cleared his throat. “You’re perfect.”

I didn’t believe him.

He turned to me but didn’t look at my body, only my face, and his eyes were narrow and suspicious. “You’re trying to seduce me, is that it? To distract me from my duty, because you’re you a hitman?”

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She was born to kill. Not love.

Jo Beaverpaw is born fully dressed, well-armed, and impatient to tackle her Destiny: killing her alien nation’s most wanted fugitive. Her programmers want her to live a few hours, kill, then die.

But something goes wrong.

Darby Lapierre has the thankless task of protecting Jo’s target while the woman heals from being shot. It’s a hard job, but not impossible for a tough ex-cop like Darby.

Until, that is, Jo shows up at the private hospital after an accident. Beautiful, naive, young Jo knows nothing about life and love, and wants Darby to teach her. Just until she’s well enough to attack her Destiny, of course.

And then Darby will be in her way . . . .




  1. Oh my, great tease!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Doris.

  2. Intriguing tease. Well done.

    1. Glad you like it.

  3. Great tease, well done!

    1. Thanks, Lucy.

  4. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    So, Darby has her figured out. Very intriguing! 🙂

    1. He interprets her actions through two filters: 1, the filter of a red-blooded male, and 2, a suspicious bodyguard.

  5. Oh Yum!. What a fab tease or whatever you call it.
    Ouestion, Ed. I’m in need of a writing group. Any ideas? I’d sure appreciatiate help and be happy to reciprocate same.

    1. Well, I no longer feel the need for critique groups, so I’m at a loss, Charmaine.

  6. Well done!

    1. Thanks, London.

  7. Wow, fantastic teaser 🙂

    1. Glad you liked it Elodie.

  8. Ha ha, I love the last line. Great tease. I REALLY want to read the next scene!

    1. That is exactly the sort of response that any author will love, Lea. Thanks!

  9. It’s going to take her a while to find her feet, but she’ll get there 😉

    1. Yes, she’ll get there, but with some interesting and unpredictable detours along the way.

  10. The premise to this book is wonderful. Great tease, Darby is on to her…

    1. I love hearing words like this, Elyzabeth. Thanks.

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