Boring food? #MFRW

For week 24 of the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop, the prompt is:

If I could eat ONE last meal

What the heck?  Have I been condemned to death without even knowing it? I suppose if it’s my last meal it should be something with tons of butter and eggs and artery-clogging foods.

Or maybe, since this blog hop is for romance writers, my meal should be something like this one from the classic movie, Tom Jones.  If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s the epitome of food as seduction!

Frankly, I can’t match that.

We’re going out to eat tonight because it’s my birthday. (I’m 39. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) Where did I choose to go?  A deli sandwich shop with a salad bar. Pretty boring, eh?  Sorry, folks — the interesting stuff happens in my head and in my books, not in my real life.

What about you? Surely you can dream up a more interesting meal than mine.  Click here to check out the cool romance writers taking part in this blog hop.



  1. Happy Birthday! Food doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious.

    1. I tend to like good ol’ home cooking. If there are a lot of spices involved in a dish, my nose gets suspicious.

  2. Sherry Lewis · · Reply

    Happy Birthday! The food is much less important than the company you’re with, in my opinion. Apparently, I’ve never seen that movie. Guess it’s going on my list now.

    1. It’s especially good when the company is family, Sherry!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! One year for my birthday, I was craving a turkey sandwich from our favorite deli, so that’s what I got for lunch that day:)

    1. When was a young teenager, my dad let me choose where I wanted to eat for my birthday. I chose a cheap hamburger joint. A gourmand I’m not.

  4. Happy Birthday, Ed! I love deli food, so your B/D meal doesn’t sound boring at all. Heck, I went to a sports bar on Mother’s Day. (Great place to go, btw. The only restaurant that wasn’t packed to the rafters.

    1. I’ll bet the place was packed for Father’s Day, though!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I celebrated mine on the 12th. I’m 29 (a few times over, but yeah still 29) LOL And your choice isn’t boring if that’s what you wanted. Last year my youngest opted to celebrate his birthday by going to Chick-fil-A.

    1. I enjoyed my birthday meal. A couple of my sons have become vegetarians; when they come home for the holidays it’s kind of hard to cook for them. Tastes change, I guess.

  6. Happy, happy birthday! As for my last meal of choice, it would no doubt be chocolate. My sweetest, most fattening addiction lol Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend ahead! #GetSocial17

    1. After the fact, I realized I could’ve made my last meal exclusively out of homemade desserts. Yum!

  7. Happy birthday! I love that scene from Tom Jones!

    1. Who would’ve thought sloppy eating could be so sensual?

  8. Happy Birthday! My last meal… I think a pasta dish with lots of veggies and garlic would probably be my choice, served with a nice cocktail and finished with a raspberry lemon cupcake for dessert.

    1. Ah yes, you mention dessert, which I really should have discussed. If it were my last meal, I might as well pig out with lots and lots of my favorite desserts!

  9. Ed, my friend, I wish you the happiest birthday ever and many more. BTW, I was in the play Tom Jones. The playwright came to many rehearsals. I played the woman who ran the restaurant. He said he never dreamed that part was so funny until he saw me in action.

    1. That playwright gave you a tremendous compliment, Charmaine!

  10. Hey, Ed, you’re the third author in this blog hop so far, including me, who has a birthday this month. Happy Birthday to you. Great choice for your birthday meal. I love deli food. Keep those “interesting” food ideas going in your head. 🙂

    1. Well, you know what they say about Geminis — we’re two-faced. Some of us make a profession of telling lies for fun and profit.

  11. Happy 39th! Thanks for sharing!

    1. My my, Raine, your gullibility is showing. 😉

  12. Happy birthday – may you get to be 39 again many more times! (I’m a Gemini, too).

    1. Thanks, Robin, and happy birthday to you, as well.

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