I Was Born #MWTease

This is the Midweek Tease blog hop, run by Angelica Dawson.  Writers post teasers about their newest release, or their work-in-progress, or their backlist.

Last week I chose a selection titled My Hospital Gown Fluttered to the Ground  from Newborn, a science fiction romance. Here is the very opening of the book.

I was born.

One moment I didn’t exist and never had existed and then, blink, I stood in a clearing, fully dressed, well-armed, and impatient to tackle my Destiny.

Like a magnet seeking north, I strode toward Destiny, downhill and to my left—baby’s first step—and tripped. Rising slowly, I stretched my arms out for balance against the world’s unexpected hazards.

“Careful,” I whispered—baby’s first word, spoken in a creamy soprano that soothed my ears. I looked around, which I should’ve done before taking a step. How could I kill if I couldn’t even walk?

I stood on a slab of granite underlying a small clearing surrounded by a forbidding wall of underbrush. A jailbreak, then, would be the first test of my worthiness for glory. The granite was craggy, a miniature mountain, so I crept up its peak. Pleased with my strength and agility, I stood there like a totem pole, one-point-seven meters above my birthplace.

Green-grey light revealed a hushed immensity. Except for the clearing over the slab, evergreen branches formed an impenetrable ceiling. Starved of sunlight, the ground beyond the clearing supported few shrubs, but fallen logs and boulders would make leaping over my jail walls perilous.

To my left, however, was a patch of flatness. Could I leap the bushes and land there? It would be tricky; maybe impossible. The sniper rifle over my shoulder could throw me off balance. Even if it didn’t, was this body capable of such acrobatics?

Destiny insisted I try. Back up four paces, crouch. So far so good. After that it got dangerous, but I didn’t hesitate. I broke into a sprint, thrust upward, and curled into a ball.

And it worked! I soared over the jail walls. Angry at my escape, a branch spanked my bottom.

I stole my opening line from a famous book by a famous author. Any of you know what/who it is?

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She was born to kill. Not love.

Jo Beaverpaw is born fully grown, well-armed, and impatient to tackle her Destiny … killing her alien nation’s most wanted fugitive. Her life is pre-programmed and straightforward – until she meets the sexy bodyguard of her intended target.

What if Schwarzenegger’s robot assassin in the original Terminator had been a bad-assed (yet petite) female?  To find out, read Newborn.



  1. Great teaser 🙂

    1. Well, then, consider yourself teased!

  2. This certainly got my attention!

    1. Then it achieved its goal. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You do have a way with words, my friend. You bring the story to life so fast!

    1. “I was born.” So was the story!

  4. Great snippet, well done!

    1. Thanks, Lucy.

  5. Ack no idea. But nice tease!

    1. I asked this same question awhile back on another post and no one recognize the opening of David Copperfield back then, either.

  6. The opening line is a definite hook but the last line made me laugh out loud. A fabulous teaser.

    1. Cool. I wasn’t even aiming for humor with that last line, just trying for a POV that imbues the world with a life and volition of its own, because it seemed to fit someone who was just born.

  7. Fabulous tease! This is on my TBR pile 🙂

    1. I love you, Doris!

  8. Love how she is discovering as she goes.

    1. In a weird way this is a coming of age tale because Jo gradually learns who and what she is. By the end, of course, she knows.

  9. Siren X Star · · Reply

    This a fabulous opening! It hooks you right in.

    1. Thanks Siren!

  10. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    This is such an intriguing opening! I’d read it before as part of WeWriWa, and that’s what made me buy it. 🙂

    1. In the Fall, my writing slowed to a crawl, so I don’t have any new out since November. Hence I continue to flog Newborn.

  11. Great tease! Certainly does its job and makes you want to read more! #getsocial

    1. Then the obvious answer, it seems to me, is to buy the book and read more. 😉

  12. Love the first line, but can’t think where it was originally from? Maybe google can help me… Great tease 🙂

    1. I’ll tell you: David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.

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