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Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior / Sunday Snippet posts on Mr. V’s behalf. Click the pic for info.

I, Effing Feline, find today’s snippet inspiring. Invading an alien world … sigh.  My fur rises at the very idea.  I’m sure the invading spaceships in the snippet are being flown by fearsome felines. After all, everybody knows that George Lucas stole the idea for Star Wars from cats.

Here’s the inspiring snippet from Ed’s WIP, Secrets of Love and War. Cynthia O’Connor is accompanying an alien clan sister, Kaushelle, to Peace to All Species Park when war with Earth breaks out.

“War was promised never to reach the capital,” Kaushelle screamed — but the screech of sirens and the pounding of explosions put the lie to that promise.

What to do?  For several heart-thumping moments, the cacophony of war drove rational thought from Cynthia’s mind.  Then she knew.

Get Kaushelle to safety.  Guard the girl with her own life.

The gloomy sky flashed a blinding white, then red, then rumbled with an angry series of explosions.  Bombs or debris from an air battle might fall on them in the open; it wasn’t safe here.  The familiium’s prime directive was to take care of each other, so she must keep the girl safe, must.

But Kaushelle darted back to pick up the hollow reeds they’d gathered to make primitive flutes for her music class.

Effing Feline here again. Do you doubt what I said about felines and Star Wars? Hiss unto you, disbeliever!  Click below and learn THE TRUTH!

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  1. I hope she immediately runs after Kaushelle and hauls her off to safety! Now they both risk being caught thick in a danger zone.

    1. Well, she’ll certainly try!

  2. Damn! I hope she can catch Kaushelle and take her to safety, or they could be in big trouble. And of course Effing is right about Star Wars.

    1. All I’ll say is that when war strikes, all the old possibilities and likelihoods become much more difficult.

  3. Running back to get anything in the middle of a crisis will automatically take the situation from bad to worse.

    Shows character (immaturity) that Kaushelle is focused on reeds for a flute (and believed that war would not reach the capital). Or maybe just panic. People do grab stupid stuff during an emergency.

    1. You’re right — you never know what people will do when an unexpected crisis strikes. I hadn’t thought this through ahead of time, but by going back for her school project she’s denying that the war will change her life.

  4. Where in the dear mind of yours do you come up with these names? No Joan or Sam? Not in space, I guess. Terrific snippet, my friend. You bring humanity into your stories.

    1. There is, however, a Cynthia, a nice human name. Kaushelle is an alien, so she needs a name that points our that she isn’t human.

      As for where I get them, for 20 or more years I’ve kept a file of names that occur to me. Most are made up names that I can use for alien folk or places. Many names sound good at the time but on further reflection, they’re too hard to sound out. For example, another alien is named Koyce, which I hope readers will find similar enough to Joyce that they’ll figure out how to say it.

  5. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    A great snippet! The description is wonderful, and it reveals so much about both characters.

    1. My aim is to not just show that a war has started, but to show what the war is destroying. I’m not a fan of war or armies; attacking a place name Peace to All Species Park is supposed to highlight the irony and horrors.

  6. Never trust the person you are trying to protect- they are always going to run off and do something that gets you into danger/trouble – rule 1 in the protecting people guide book.

    1. LOL. That’s especially true when your trying to protect the equivalent of a young, flighty teenager. And a copy of that guidebook could be useful for a writer. Where could I lay my hands on one?

  7. Catching Kaushelle seems a bit like trying to herd guinea fowl.
    I hope they stick together, Ed. But I suspect you have a couple of wicked plot turns ahead for these two.

    1. I know nothing of herding guinea fowl — an African species, perhaps? Is it similar to herding cats like Effing?

      1. Yep, without the brains. Guinea fowl have tiny brains. They just run around a lot, making lots of noise.

      2. They sound like the grouse (aka prairie chickens) back in British Columbia. Very dumb and very noisey.

  8. Kaushelle needs to adjust her priorities if they’re going to survive – reeds aren’t going to be of much use in the new situation! Enjoyed the excerpt and the tension and danger.

    1. The poor kid just doesn’t want to get in trouble at school, and in the face of inexplicable war, she’s clinging on to that fear.

  9. Effing is always right!
    But, what is Kaushelle doing?

    1. I don’t know that Effing is ‘always’ right, but in the matter of Star Wars he surely is.

  10. Well, you know what they say about plans and encounters with the enemy. I agree they need to get to safety. Now is probably not the time for reed gathering…

    1. Right on, Caitlin.

  11. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    When there is danger never, never run back for anything. lol Great snippet as usual.

    1. That’s a hard lesson that adolescent Kaushelle is on the verge of learning.

  12. At least one of them seems to be thinking clearly. (I don’t think that Kaushelle is thinking at all right now.)

    1. Ye, she’s reacting, not thinking.

  13. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Your subject line drew me in–even if I wasn’t part of WeWriWa. Effing has great taste. Good snippet today, Ed. Sounds like Cynthia will have her hands full with Kaushelle. The video was hilarious.

    1. The subject line expresses my true feelings. The original three Star Wars were great; Some of the prequels/sequels are worth watching, but most not.

  14. I guess Kaushelle is truly freaked out and not thinking straight. I think Effing’s Star Wars theory has great merit!

    1. Effing thinks that every piece of GREAT art comes from cats. He’s never claimed the authorship of any of my books, though. Is there any significance to that, do you think?

  15. Yep, seems like Kaushelle is definitely an accident waiting to happen! I enjoyed the snippet and Effing’s Star Wars episode – but my dog Choccy reckons the cat was miscast – should have been a dog!

    1. Choccy doesn’t like dogs being cast as the back guys? That’s the way it goes, unfortunately.

  16. Great snippet, and I love the video. 😀

    1. We’ll know we’ve made it when fans make parodies like this of our works.

  17. I just really love the juxtaposition of their responses here.

    1. That’s good, because one is a mature human and the other is an adolescent Riksid.

      1. And it shows. I love how you can do that in such few sentences.

  18. I hope she’ll get back to safety … but i’m expecting a little twist here. Nice descriptions.

    1. Me, throw in twists?

  19. Running back to get something always means trouble.

    1. Yet it’s such a typical, even understandable, response.

  20. I’m always amazed that even if the war is raging at the door people always believe it will never reach them until it’s too late. You just demonstrate that one more time. I wonder if there is a way to be really safe in that story anymore.

    1. Cynthia will find some temporary havens, but she’ll spend the whole book searching for safety.

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