Thanks, Judith Tarr – Yes, Women Have Always Written Space Opera

Judith Tarr (a fellow Tucsonan, I’m proud to say) recently posted a great article about female authors of science fiction, along with a slew of recommendations for writers you may not have discovered yet. Highly recommended!

The TOR site has no ‘reblog’ option, so, I’ll give you a short taste along with a link.


From Dark to Dark: Yes, Women Have Always Written Space Opera

Illustration by Gino D’Achille

Every year or two, someone writes another article about a genre that women have just now entered, which used to be the province of male writers. Usually it’s some form of science fiction. Lately it’s been fantasy, especially epic fantasy (which strikes me with fierce irony, because I remember when fantasy was pink and squishy and comfy and for girls). And in keeping with this week’s theme, space opera gets its regular turn in the barrel.



  1. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing, Ed. I never thought of women in sf in quite that way. She makes some very good points.

    1. Judy Tarr usually does make good points. She’s worth listening to.

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