For week 18, the Marketing for Romance Writers blog tour prompt is:

What makes me laugh out loud

The answer: not much.  I’m more of a chuckler than a guffawer. I chuckle a lot, mind you, because people can be pretty darned amusing, whether intentionally or not.  But laugh?

While I laughed out loud at certain movies — Tootsie and Four O’clock High come to mind — on repeated viewings, I chuckle rather than laugh. (Hmm. Those movies are both really old. Maybe I need to get out more.)

However there is one person who reliably loosens my laugh muscles.

My three-year-old grandson, Wesley.

  • At nap time or bed time, he complains about not being tired quietly but incessantly — all while trudging obediently to his room.
  • When welcoming him to our house for the four-times-a-week babysitting, I’ve learned not to say “Hi, Wesley!” because he’s likely to respond “I’m not Wesley, I’m Batman.”  Or Ironman, or Spiderman, or … well, you get the idea.
  • A local mall has an adoption outlet for pets, which we visited with Wesley. Some puppies ran toward him when he put his hand in their cage, and he jerked it away, saying they were trying to eat (i.e. lick) him. His mom said no, they just wanted to play with him — to which he replied, “I’m not a toy!”

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  1. Sherry Lewis · · Reply

    Aren’t grandchildren the best??? Wesley sounds like a great kid and a lot of fun. Enjoy every second in his company 🙂

    1. He’s an amazingly easygoing kid, and I had four of my own, so I know.

  2. Aw, he sounds like such a sweetie. What a blessing to have him in your life!

    1. He brings us much joy.

  3. Awwww….I think Wesley and my Alexandria would get along nicely:) Don’t you love the ‘But I’m not (huge yawn) tired, Grandma!”

    1. They would get along until Alexandria wanted to share one of his toys. Beth (my daughter) is still working with him on the concept of sharing.

  4. Aww the innocence of kids! Love the “I’m not a toy.” Too cute. The things that come out of their mouths sometimes are so perfect you can’t help but laugh.

    1. Yes, kids say the darnedest things.

  5. Kids do have a way of tickling the funny bone 🙂

    1. Something about little ones cuts straight to the core of our emotions.

  6. Wesley sounds adorable.

    1. I certainly think so. Thanks for stopping by, Linda.

  7. Grandchildren are the best. I have a three-year-old too and he is a hoot!

    1. If you have a 3-year-old grandchild, I’m sure you can identify with the delight I take in Wesley.

  8. Children, especially in our own family are essential sources of laughter and smiles. Its built into human genes I think.

    1. I agree. Nothing is cuter than a toddler being cute.

  9. As the old show used to say, “kids say the darndest things!” Wesley sounds adorable! I’m glad you get to spend these moments with him.

    1. Thanks, Robin!

  10. Wesley aka “superhero” is adorable. I can imagine the way he must’ve looked at you when he said, “I’m not a toy!” Little ones do have their moments.

    1. You’re right — the expression on his face, as though “adults say the darnedest things”, was a big part of my laughter.

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