Where in the World? #MFRWAuthor


For this week, the Marketing for Romance Writers blog tour prompt is:

Top Five Places I’d Like to Visit

At last, an easy topic!

Uh, hold on a minute. Only five?

1 – Places with my children

I visit these once a year if I can, yet they’re number one on my list. Total distance to visit everyone, 9800 miles.

  • Ed & Judi in Toronto

    Amsterdam, with son #1.

  • Vancouver, with son #2.
  • Toronto, with son #3.
  • My daughter’s house, 1.5 miles away.
2 – Literary / musical destinations
  • Jane Austen’s house
  • Amsterdam Concertgebouw
  • Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt, Austria — specifically the Haydnsaal
3 – Canada
  • Ed in Banff

    Canadian Rockies, especially Banff and Jasper National Parks and Mt Robson Provincial Park. I’ve been there, yet yearn to return

  • Nova Scotia
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Haida Gwai
  • Alert Bay
4 – Mountains!
  • The Alps
  • Tierra del Fuego
  • Mount Everest
5 – Miscellaneous Europe

Judi in Bruges

  • Bruges and Ghent, Belgium
  • Vienna
  • Iceland
  • Scotland

What about you? Where in the world do you want to visit?

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  1. Sherry Lewis · · Reply

    I love your list, especially the first section. Honestly, a visit with Younger Daughter and the grand-kids (and son-in-law) is always at the top of my list, even though I didn’t talk about it in my blog post. It’s hard enough on me having them 900 miles or so away. I can’t imagine having to make a trip 10x that long to see the whole family.

    1. The thing about the family is that we’re pretty close. Last Christmas, all the kids came home, and that is so cool.

  2. Love the way you break the list out by categories. Keeps things organized and you can sneak in more places that way.

    1. So you’re saying I’m good at cheating? Thanks … I guess.

  3. I see a definite pattern here, Ed! You’re not a tropical beach guy! How wonderful that you get to see your kids every year, even though they live so far away. Mine are local (well, one actually has a room down the hall, LOL). Hubs and I talk about moving somewhere less expensive than California, but then we think, what about the kids? Sure, they’re grown, but we like to see them. Good post!

    1. You’re right — the only ocean in my list Arctic!

  4. I love your list of destinations. I’ve been to Windsor, Ontario, Canada but only for a day as we crossed the border from Detroit to visit when I was a teen. I loved it! I love that you have Scotland on your list. I’d live there for a few months.

    1. Scotland has always interested me since my youth, when I read as much Robert Louis Stevenson as I could get my hands on.

  5. LOL your daughter’s house. Must be as struggle to get to her. 🙂 Great choices on your list.

    1. Yeah, she’s at the opposite extreme from the others.

  6. Love your list, too, Ed. I certainly wouldn’t object to annual trips to Amsterdam, Vancouver and Toronto! I love Canada, such a beautiful country. I’d love to see the Maritime provinces some day.

    1. Yeah, my kids have chosen interesting places to settle.

  7. Thanks for sharing! That was interesting, and you seem like a well-traveled man, too. Especially with the kids being all over the place. I’ve been to Toronto a few times, Niagara Falls nearly annually (need to make a winter trip, though) and have set one of my novels in Winnipeg. Also live less than 40 miles from the Detroit/Windsor border so I’ve been there dozens of times (as well as crossing the Blue Water Bridge up in Pt. Huron, MI.

    1. You have a more experience of Canada than most Americans. After all, how many people have set a book in Winnipeg?

  8. Only five, too right there. I had trouble with that too. Love the way you organized this–five categories, to get around the five limitation.

    1. Yeah, I cheated big time.

  9. I enjoyed your list- very thought provoking. It’s nice that your kids provide some interesting places to visit.

    1. Although we’ve now become quite settled in Tucson, Judi and I shared a wanderlust in our youths, and the boys inherited it from us — though as you point out, they’ve chosen more interesting places to live than we did when we were moving every year.

  10. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Great List. Am I the only one that didn’t choose Iceland?

    1. I guess so. You’re left out in the cold.

  11. Sneaky way to add more places – kudos to you for thinking of it! It’s hard when your kids are so far away (my son is in Colorado and I’m in Georgia, so I know), but yours live in awesome places. Great list!

    1. For context, I’m in Arizona, about as far from a city like Toronto as you can get in the US.

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