The Perils of Peggedness #MFRWauthor


For lucky week 13, Marketing for Romance Writers blog prompt is:

My greatest weakness

I’ve been demonstrating this weakness ever since I joined the blog hop.

  • For the 7 guilty sins prompt, I focused on things that distract me from writing. Everyone else wrote about personal failings.
  • For the writing process prompt, I wrote about book structure. Most others described how they work.
  • For the greatest strength prompt, I wrote about a writing strength. Everyone else chose a personal strength.
  • Last but far from least, I’m a guy writing romance.

My greatest weakness, then, is that I’m a square peg in a round hole.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not an eccentric. I don’t dress to draw attention, I don’t do drugs or alcohol, I’m straight, and my social behavior is within the norm (usually). I appear to be normal. Boringly so, perhaps.

But if you look closely, I just don’t quite fit in. Writing romance, for one thing. Being a working class kid who’s played oboe in various symphonies, for another. Seeking out wilderness living in my youth. And just the way I tend to think differently than most people on matters small and large.

As a writer, I mostly fit the genres . . . but not quite. Though my first six books were traditionally published, I’ve since gone my own way. One of my series is put out by a small press, while I self-publish the other. My current WIP is futuristic romance between an Hispanic woman and a Northwest Coast Indian from the future — and there’s not a huge commercial market for this. But I wanna write what I wanna write.

For the most part, I’m cheerfully resigned to my square peggedness, but it does cause uneasiness (or worse) at times. I’ll bet a lot of you are square pegs, too; writers usually are. Am I right?

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  1. You’re the best at whatever you do, Ed. I have faith in your talent, love of family, sense of humor and all of that good stuff. Don’t sweat the small things in life. Keep writing and smile.

    1. While writing, I’m more like to frown in concentration or grimace in frustration, than smile.

  2. In a world with bajillions of people, there’s a market for what you write, Ed. Keep at it! And let me introduce you to a friend and fantastic guy writing romance from my local RWA chapter, Christopher Lentz

    You are not alone, Mr. Square Peg!

    1. Yes, I know I’m not alone. That’s what blog hops like this are for: to connect with kindred spirits.

  3. Nothing wrong to following your own path. Being yourself is the only you, you can be. 🙂 There is a market for nearly everything. If people are writing and reading dino, or extraterrestrial types of romance then I’d say you will find readers for your story. That’s the beauty of going self published, you can write what you want to write. Freedom. 🙂

    1. “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” — from Me and Bobby MacGee. Whatever that enigmatic quotation means.

  4. Siren X Star · · Reply

    I have been a square peg in a round hole since I was a teen. Even more now–i won’t get into it, I’ll save that for a blog post 😉

    1. It’s interesting that you feel you’re even more of a square peg now than when you were a teen. I’ve sort of gone the opposite way — or, perhaps more likely, I don’t give a damn now (…much, that is), whereas when I was younger I felt more influenced by others.

  5. You have the courage to be yourself. That is no small thing. Your life is rich and full. Good for you!

    1. Courage? Perhaps. Or maybe I don’t have any choice.

  6. We all go through our lives in our own different way. That’s part of the thing that makes people interesting. Good for you for being yourself and not the round peg – I salute you! And, I’m anxious to read your book, which sounds fascinating to me.

    1. The working title is “Rescuing Prince Charming,” and I’m working on it right now, though obviously I’m taking a break. I don’t think I mentioned that the hero is a prince of his alien nation.

  7. I never quite fit anywhere either. I think its a profound source of creativity, flexibility and open-mindedness. You don’t get stuck in one way of thinking or assuming there’s only one way of beign or doing. To my mind, this is a strength, not a weakness. Unless you have to get in that square to get dinner. 🙂

    1. Speaking of dinner, it’s just about time to get to work on that. Since I quit the rat race (early retirement, not best selling books) I do most of the cooking.

      As for square pegs being a strength, that wouldn’t be a majority opinion. Most people want to fit in, and it’s the motivating factor in library-full of coming of age stories. But you’re right. Like many ‘weaknesses’, this one may also be a strength.

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