A writer’s to-don’t list

For the second week in a row, I’m joining a blog hop run by Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW). For those new to my blog, yes, I’m a guy, and yes, I write romance. I’ve written for Silhouette, but these days I write science fiction with romance and humor.


This week’s writing prompt is:

Seven Guilty Pleasures

My take on this prompt is “things that make me feel guilty because they distract me from writing.”

  1. The Internet.
  2. The Internet.
  3. The Internet.
  4. Family. My four children have flown the nest, or this would rank higher. Of course, family is far more pleasure than guilt, but since I work at home, the potential for distraction is real. Even with the kids gone, they still distract me — as I write this, Judi and I are babysitting our 4-year-old grandson, and my son in Amsterdam is supposed to Skype us in half an hour.
  5. Music. I’m a symphonic oboist, so my distraction of choice is classical. I usually have music playing, and sometimes I listen rather than write.
  6. Politics. The soap opera that US politics has become is pretty addictive.
  7. Last but not least … chocolate!

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  1. Hmm. My first is Chocolate. Nice list, Ed.

    1. I suspect chocolate would be high on many people’s lists.

  2. How could I forget the internet! Definately a guilty pleasure. Or double up by eating chocolate while browsing the Internet 😉

    1. I’ve done that, Maureen, far too many times!

  3. LOL….I completely forgot about chocolate AND the internet….though with, as you say, the soap opera of US politics, I’ve made a decision to limit my Facebook time….too many negative posts.

    Our 4 y/o granddaughter lives with us, and she’s a joy:) Her mom works nights, so we’re on full-time caregiver status.

    1. You’re not only full-time caregivers, you have to keep the granddaughter quiet and occupied while mum sleeps. That’s doubly difficult.

  4. Yes, the internet is worth being listed 3 times. It can be a major distraction. Same with family. Only one of my 4 have flown the nest, but she’s not truly gone. She calls often and usually during my writing time that she can’t seem to remember when it is no matter how often I’ve told her. LOL My boys and the husband are great distractions as well. Doesn’t help that my ‘office’ is actually our dining room and sits in the middle of the house.

    1. If you’re like me, you’ll find that when the kids are one their own, you suddenly have both an office and a music room.

  5. The internet–yes! I’m a sucker for one more article about some obscure historical fact.

    1. You shame me, Alina. I leap down much less worthwhile rabbit holes, mostly dealing with my favorite sports teams.

  6. Sherry Lewis · · Reply

    Good list! Family is a great distraction, but yeah, it can definitely be a distraction. I probably should have listed spending time with my kids and grand-kids as my #1 guilty pleasure, except I don’t actually feel guilty about it 🙂

    1. I don’t feel guilty about any of these either, except probably the Internet (sometimes).

  7. LOL! YEs, if you trace back 90% of the time wasters that we feel guilty of that keep us from actually writing . . . it’s the internet! My kids are still here, adult children living with us, one in college one that should be in college but decided to quit and moved back home until they can get on their feet, and has since decided that maybe quitting college and blowing off her full ride scholarship wasn’t such a brilliant idea. Definitely a source of major stress but I won’t list them as a guilty pleasure. Right now, I’m trying to breathe and learn how to parent adult children. Lastly – chocolate for the win!

    1. I never feel guilty about spending time with family unless I’m facing a major deadline and spend time playing Rescue Bots, instead of working. One of my sons might be moving back soon, for the worst of reason: he lost his job and can’t afford his rent.

  8. Numbers 1, 2, and 3. Uh huh. 🙂 Chocolate made my list too. No kids or grandkids at home, so I can scratch that one, but worry distracts me when I haven’t heard from them. (kids. No grandkids) Nice list, Ed.

    1. Chocolate made almost everybody’s list, I think.

    2. And the Internet wouldn’t be such a bad distraction if it weren’t on the same machine as Word. I can kid myself that when I sit down with my laptop I’m going to write. Yeah, right.

      1. I totally understand. Somewhere there’s a website or app, I don’t know which, but you can set a specified amount of time to stay off the Internet and it won’t let you back on until your time s up. I can see good and bad in this. We can always just turn off Wi-Fi. Nah! 🙂

  9. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    I think Chocolate has made most of our lists !

    1. For excellent reasons, too.

  10. The internet is definitely a distractor. Love your list!

    1. It’s also as close to a ‘guilty’ pleasure as there is on this list.

  11. Totally forgot the internet! The great time-sucker… start out researching one thing and hours later, you’re following a completely different trail…. Chocolate makes it better, though,

    1. Chocolate makes everything better!

  12. Your list is by no means pedestrian. In fact we share some of the same guilty pleasures especially chocolate but hey what can I say… Chocolate is the best!! Great list and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. No need to thanks me for stopping by your blog. That’s what this is all about!

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