Think your glasses need cleaning?

Nope, your glasses are fine. As you may have noticed, this blog has a new header image with two changes:

  • First, the cover for Newborn, released in November, belatedly appears along with the covers of my other books.


  • Second, the cover for The Tribulations of Tompa Lee, book two in The Trilogy of Tompa Lee, has been blurred out.  Keep your eyes peeled and glasses cleaned for a brand new cover, coming soon.



Effing Feline divider

Finally, you heard it here first: Alien Contact for Idiots is free during the Valentine’s Romance cross promotion.




  1. Ed, you’re busy with new covers and possible up to mischief. Hmm. Kindle Fire for my birthday 2/13 seems the purrrfect gift for this little old author. Success ahead! for Mr.Valentine!

    1. You make a good cheerleader, Charmaine.

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