I feel marvelous, and I wanted to share the feeling

I actually feel good today. Really good. My body glows with a sense of well being.

And that’s notable because? you ask.

Because it’s the first time in over three months.  I’d never heard of sepsis, but now I know it’s a nasty, debilitating disease with a long recovery time. But still … it was, in a way, almost worth it to glory in this marvelous, almost-forgotten sensation!

The author in Bruges, Belgium, just before he fell ill.

The author in Bruges, Belgium, just before he fell ill.



  1. Diane Burton · · Reply

    So glad you’re feeling better, Ed. Sepsis can kill people. You are so fortunate that you were able to fight it. Wishing you continued good health.

    1. I’m really glad that I didn’t know, back when I was in hospital, that anywhere from 30%-60% of sepsis sufferers die.

  2. Ed, I’ve been concerned regarding your health and prayed I’d hear good news soon. Well here it is and thank the good Lord, you’re on the happy road to recovery.

    1. Yep, I feel like I’m on my way. Thanks for thinking about me, Charmaine.

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