There ARE cats in Toronto

Effing Feline reporting from Toronto, where my pet human, Ed Hoornaert, has brought me inside his computer.


Lying little Twiggles — the liar!

Before we left home, Twiggles the dog tried to scare me by saying that the only pets allowed in Canada were wolves, killer whales, and cateaters, which Twiggles claimed were like yuge anteaters. She had me almost afraid to go.

But she lied to me, the dirty dog: there are cats in Toronto. I’ve seen them in windows and even scurrying along the street.  And Mr V (Ed’s nickname is Mr Valentine) assures me there’s no such thing as a cateater.

So don’t believe anything Twiggles says.  No, I take that back. Don’t believe anything that ANY dog says.

As proof  of Torontonians wisdom vis a vis cats, I present the following picture, taken in a shop in Kensington Market. Take that, Twiggles!home-without-a-cat




  1. Diane Burton · · Reply

    That naughty Twiggles!

    1. And that very gullible Effing!

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