Grammar is credibility. (So is spelling!)

Grammar is credibility

“Grammar is credibility. If you’re not taking care of the small things, people assume you’re not taking care of the big things.”

Amanda Sturgill (Associate Prof of Communications at Elon University)

Right on, Dr. Sturgill!  Every independent author should post this quotation above their desks.

At this year’s RWA conference, I received a copy of a book by an indie author.  In reading the blurb on the back cover, I discovered that the author thinks that ellipses (…) have just two periods (..) not three. Sigh.

Do you think I bothered to open the book? Hah to that!

The book’s back cover also had a spelling mistake, as well.  I would add that for independent authors …

Spelling is credibility, too!

Read this totally unscientific yet revealing poll of what readers hate about books.


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