Congratulations to the 2016 On The Far Side Finalists

Every year, the Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal chapter of the RWA runs two contests. The Prism contest is for works published in the previous year, and the On the Far Side contest is for unpublished authors.

The finalists of OTFS have been released and are listed below.

Personal aside #1: Several years ago, my Alien Contact for Idiots was a finalist in Futuristic category.

Personal aside #2: I was a contest judge who had the honor of reading one of the finalist entries. I loved it and feel it would be a worthy winner. From personal experience, then, let me say that the quality of these tales is very high. Congratulations to all!

Romantic Elements
  • The Harbinger, Emily Meredith
  • Lost in Transmigration, Tessa McFionn
  • Book of Secrets, Claudia Blood
Hard Sci-Fi/SciFi/Futuristic
  • Of Two Minds, Emily Clark
  • My Hand Has Written Truth, Sandra J. Marten
  • Star Gazers, Diana Rivis
Dark/Light/General paranormal
  • A Ghost of A Chance, Katie Baldwin
  • Wolf, Interrupted, Jillian Stone
  • A Child of Eden, Lauralynn Doran
Steampunk/Time Travel
  • Heart of Bronze, Laurel Kerr
  • Victoria Station, Emily Clark
  • The Seductress, Jessica Grace Kelley
Urban Fantasy
  • Hellbound, Ashli Wade
  • A Shadow’s Kiss, Grace Adams
  • Dragon’s Spell, Gina Bono
  • Desperate Sacrifice, Linda Schad
  • Child of Destiny, T.E. Bradford
  • Overlaird, A Novel of the Lairds of Light, C. D. Cutty
Young Adult
  • Soren’s Resistance, Christine Gunderson
  • Dark in Nature, Madeline Rue
  • Society of the Living Dead, Catherine Avril Morris
New Adult
  • Winter’s Kiss, Bryonna Nobles
  • A Destruction of Wildcats, Margo Bond Collins
  • Much Like Falling, Laurie Treacy
  • Awakened, Sydney Keys
  • MortalDesire: Book 1 in theDistant Edge Romance Series (Witchy), Chloe Adler
  • Renegade, Sara Avellino

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