Cover reveal — Future Love

Zoom, zoom, zoom. One new cover reveal on Monday, and today another! Without further ado — Future Love!

Future love b

Future Love is a slender tome that contains five science fiction short stories. One of the stories is a traditional love story, but the others deal with how technology encourages love to go slightly wrong — but even at its worst, love has massive possibilities for redeeming even irredeemable characters. Love’s power for transformation — that’s the focus of Future Love.

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Love is gonna get tougher and trickier

A spaceman wins the woman of his dreams … but it’s too late. A crook invents a new form of pornography … but it teaches him about love, not sex. A man pursues his beloved beyond death … but finds only the evil in his own heart.

The SF short stories in Edward Hoornaert’s Future Love probe how the future will make today’s romance seem simple and tame by comparison.  Think that’s not possible?  You have much to learn…

If you crave stories that deal honestly with love’s potential for heartbreak and redemption, you’ll adore Future Love.

Future Love is scheduled for release on June 30, 2016. It will be available for pre-order this weekend, so check back here soon!


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